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It's either real or it's a dream, there's nothing that is in between. Welcome to After Dark, kind of like a blog, but full of offhand, weird, worrying, and obnoxious things that I publish, along with it being the home of some edgy shit. Everyone will soon know the truth, did I just write that?

Also, there is some NSFW stuff here and there, so you know it's going to be good!

Oh my!

Not much of a blog, really, more of an update. As taken from Owly's RSS Thoughts, dated 2020-06-06.

Old Rubbish I Made

Looking at some old trite that I made in year of our Lord 2019. As taken from Owly's RSS Thoughts, dated 2020-06-03.

Francisco de Goya - Witches' Sabbath (1798)

A look at some classical art. As taken from Owly's RSS Thoughts, dated 2020-06-01.

Commission I Got!

As the title says, a commission that I got. As taken from Owly's RSS Thoughts, dated 2020-05-31.

Christmas MMXIX

OwlMan wishes everyone a happy Christmas. Dated 2019-12-25.

One Million Views AMA

The long awaited AMA, oh boy. Dated 2019-12-13.

Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween 2019, try not to get killed in any cult killings! Dated 2019-09-21.


50 years of the internet being around. Dated 2019-10-19.

Over a Million

Talking about my feelings of reaching over a million views on my website. Dated 2019-09-19.

A (Bad) Way To Fix Brexit

A bad idea as a way to fix the Brexit issue currently in progress - I'm sure this will not age well. Dated 2019-09-04.

OJ and Phenibut

A story by a homeless transwoman, almost as good as the chocolate story. Dated 2019-07-19.

The Accidental Art World of DOS

I guess it's kind of, sort of, not really art. Dated 2019-07-09.

Talking To Ray

Took a week off to visit Wales. Dated 2019-06-01.

A Response To Mariteaux

My very long response to Mariteaux. Dated 2019-04-19.

"Untitled": A Look at Mental Health and Art

Comparing the work of Craig Finn to that of David Martin. Dated 2019-03-27.

2019-02-22: The Day OwlMan Bled a lot From His Arm

Whoops. Dated 2019-02-19.

Capy: Born To Lose, Live To Win

It's Capy's birthday, so happy birthday. Dated 2018-12-29.

Christmas 2K18

It's that time of the year where we all drink until we fall. Dated 2018-12-25.

<title>The Title of This Page</title>

Showing off a recolour of some artwork. Dated 2018-12-01.

The Midnight Prowler

Weird poem about killing Saxon men, kind of a one-off thing. The poem is alright. Dated 2018-11-05.

Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan

Long article talking about the history of a painting by Russian realist artist, Ilya Repin. Dated 2018-06-09.

Wake Up To The Cult

Weird dream I had once about a mass suicide on Earth, because of an Unholy War between Earth and Hell itself. Dated 2018-06-03.

A Look Back At Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who

Short rant-type-thing about Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who. Dated 2018-06-18.

An English Twat Goes to Wales

A talk about a holiday to Wales that I had. Dated 2018-06-04.

Why Judas Priest are Better Than Metallica: A 5000 Word Essay

One of my longest ever articles. This one took me around two years to make, please read it! Dated 2018-05-18.


A rather anti-American opinion piece, talking about gun laws in the USA in a frustrated way. Dated 2018-04-20.

The Frog - A Short Story.

Joke creepypasta about a certain frog. Dated 2018-04-04.

Re: Fandom Trash and People Using A.N. Lucas's Code

Somewhat outdated post about a Neocitie user using someone else's code. Dated 2018-03-18.

Jerk off Instructions by Pan-Pizza

Talking about a joke JOI Pan-Pizza did for 4chan. Dated 2018-03-12.

OwlMan: Now Blocked By [At Least One] US School[s]!

Second short blog post taking about a revelation that all sites on Neocities were blocked by a US school. Dated 2018-02-21.


Listing some spam mail I got. Dated 2018-02-13.

OwlMan: Now Blocked By [Some] UK Schools!

First short blog post talking about a UK school blocking some of my website due to it containing "web content" - right. Dated 2018-01-23.

Freefire AMA Questions

"Do these AmAs satisfy the little exhibitionist in you?" Dated 2018-01-22.

Wedding After The Battle of Britain

Somewhat humorous, and grim photos taken of a wedding in a bombed out church. Dated 2017-12-14.


A quite British reaction to snow. Dated 2017-12-10.

I Found a New Webcomic!

Very small post about a new WebComic I found at the time. Dated 2017-12-07.

Some YouTube Videos You May or May Not Like

A short list of some YouTube videos that I liked at the time. Dated 2017-11-15.

A Very Nice Story

A story of lovers doing weird stuff to chocolate. Dated 2017-11-12.

In Your Name You Have My Charity Project

Some spam E-Mails I got. Dated 2017-10-31.

How To Get More Followers on Neocities

Easy steps for getting more followers on Neocities! Dated 2017-10-10.

British Questions

"How often do you master bait". Dated 2017-09-24.

Fucking Around Online

"Remember to assault people who have a Crystalis fan site", "There was just an ad for ice tea, fuck Off Bagpuss It's 6:30PM", "'Don't forget you've got work tomorrow' Precisely why _I'm_ on the Tracy Beaker Wiki...", plus more bollocks. Dated 2017-09-19.

A Real DM I Received on DeviantArt

What a craZY FUKKER. Dated 2017-08-28.

Prepare to Meet Thy God

Looking at an old photo of The Trubbles, taken c. 1970. Dated 2017-08-26.

I'm Quitting Neocities

Very outdated blog post. Dated 2017-08-17.


First issue of OwlMail, an experiment in a newsletter type thing. Dated 2017-07-03.

A Real Font T And C

Over-the-top TnC for a font. Dated 2017-06-17.

Post Death. 19?? - 2017

A look back on a holiday. Dated 2017-06-04.


Outdated post. Dated 2017-05-24.


A funny "commic" I found. Dated 2017-05-14.

Nude GIF

Little GIF I made sometime ago. Dated 2017-05-06.


Talking about UK TV, Lazy Town, and The Trap Door. Dated 2017-05-01.

US-UK Metal

Rant about music. Dated 2017-04-25.

ZX Spectrum

A look back at the ZX Spectrum, a UK home computer. Dated 2017-04-23.


Some old ASCII art I made. Dated 2017-04-18.

Pepper and Salt

A Lemon Demon song I liked at the time. Dated 2017-04-16.

The Mona Lisa

"Some great art from /r/place". Dated 2017-04-17.

want to see fear

Pure evil. Dated 2017-04-17.

Flag of New Mexico

One of the best flags. Dated 2017-04-13.

P.F. Hypnagogia

Some cool art I found on NG. Dated 2017-04-11.

9/11 Attacks and Investigation Images

Released images of the 9/11 attacks. Dated 2017-04-09.

A Really Cool Girl

A really cool blog post. Dated 2017-04-17.

About Me

Oh, hello, nice to meet you. My name is OwlMan, I'm a boring bloke from the UK who enjoys nothing more than random people looking on my website for reasons far beyond my knowledge.

Welp, enjoy your stay, I guess.

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