OwlMan on Neocities

Blame it on the black star

Here we all are once more, welcome to OwlMan on Neocities, perhaps one of the very reasons why so many people no longer want to use the Web anymore. Regardless, welcome to this hellhole, ran by one of the biggest twats in all of history, Clive Python - a person who has no idea at all about how to even drink water on their own, let along run a website. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but you will mostly press Ctrl + W a lot... but anyway... Welcome to this Website on the World Wide Web, here you can find some really boring things that you won't like.

Why not stop by the OwlMan Library? It's a terrible place where loads of bad articles go into.

Hope you enjoy it here. Or not. It's up to you, really.

After Dark

Don't expect much apart from rants, poems, reviews, and other weird shit.

Some highlights are The Frog - A Short Story, Why Judas Priest are Better Than Metallica: A 5000 Word Essay, A Look Back At Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who, INVESTMENT PROPOSAL, The Midnight Prowler, A Real DM I Received on DeviantArt, and Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan


If you're interested in the Doom games, then this might be a great pit stop for yourself.

Doom Text Reviews: The Data is Here

Quick revirews of Doom mods and WADs, updated every ten years or so.

Spam Archive

Large number of real life spam E-Mails sent. Worth a read if you want to unearth some truly bad scams across the Web.


Old "newsletter" - there is some good stuff reading in here, but you should mostly skip to the "CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!" part. In a lot of ways, the newsletter lives on with AcidMail.

Who is Who in ASCII Art

Ever wanted to know who's signature is on what ASCII art? Want to find more art from your favourite ASCII artiest? Well, here you go, all six of you.

The Art Gallery

The gallery hosts a number of art that is free-to-use for all, also checkout the removed art part of the gallery.

Artwork of Adolf Hitler

As the title says, this WebPage was made for showcasing the art of Hitler (yes, that Hitler). Some of his artwork is worth looking at, but most of it is muh at best, and is only still noticeable because of the person who made it.

WebComics By OwlMan

Index of a number of WebComics made by the site owner, OwlMan.

NeoMail Archive

An archive of The NeoMail mailing list.

Other Crap

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole that is this site, the best place to look on would be the Rubbish Page, but if you have little time - for some reason - here are the "best" bits.

Other, Other Crap

I'm a bit weird, and because of that, I decided to help setup NeoZones, a webhome of sorts that my E-Friends also have sites on, please feel free to check it out!

Second off, because I'm off my tits on whatever the hip dr00gz the kidz take today, I also run OwlCity, a website that is made purely in HTML1 (version from 1991) with no CSS, JavaScript, or anything else to spice it up. The idea is that the website can run fine on any web browser that is thrown at it. It certainly doesn't have the best looking layout, but I think it is an interesting idea.

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