Last week I was thinking about what program I've used the most in my life, I was thinking about stuff like IE (I used IE a lot as a kid, I'm now a Firefox type of guy), QZDoom, Notepad++ and stuff like that, then it crossed my mind, it was good ol' MS Paint that I've used the most in my life! I have not only used it for stuff like making art but also using it to crop photos and make small edits.

I remember being pissed off when I saw Window 7 Paint, I was so used to pre-7. Growing up as a kid with no Internet, I would enjoy spending my time drawing beards on family photos and making original drawings of animals, at the time I had no idea that Paint was really basic, but I didn't care because I loved Paint.

Even today I still mess around with Paint, in fact, I use it so often, that the program is pinned to my computer's task bar. In recent years I found out about Paint.Net and even if it's a more advanced application, my heart will always be on MS Paint.

On my website host, Neocities, I made a post on my page telling people to ask me to make them whatever they wanted in MS Paint, I had no idea what was going to be asked, but I tried my best!

For our first request, Kenny (who by the way, very kindly made the banner for The Art Gallery) replied to my post saying "As long as you don't draw flies, the sky's the limit. Go for it, dude." - I have no idea what that means, but seeing that space is the limit, I drew someone in a space suit.

Hope you like it, Kenny!

The second request was from Gwta, who asked for my interpretation of a guinea pig. I'll be honest, I'm not good at drawing animals, for one thing, both of the guinea pigs look like the baby from Eraserhead.

Update 04/03/18: Gwta was kind enough to redraw my "wonderful picture", honestly, it's better than anything I've ever done, you can find the photo at this link! (Also she spotted my basic spelling mistake)

Jake oh Jake, what sell we do with you? Well Jake of JakeOnline requested me to draw perhaps the best and worst thing on this page, he wanted me to draw "an owl dabbing with the text 'DABBING IS A SIN'" - sigh, fine, but only because it's you...

You know, Hitler always claimed to be something of a frustrated artist and I really understand him, you can tell that I'm a frustrated artist when it comes to MS Paint, doing weird requests for very little money (£0.00) - anyway, TIDW requested me to draw "The Mona Lisa or some sort of classical art. Mostly anything will do...". While I didn't do The Mona Lisa, I choose instead to draw Vasily Vereshchagin's The Apotheosis of War (1871) - who did it better, OwlMan or Vereshchagin, you decide!

hosma requested me to draw "more cat porn that you actually post" - as I've said in the past, if you want to see that one Neocities' cat pr0n photo I made you must 1. get this post to 50 likes, or 2. find out where on my site I hid the URL.

For our last request, strata wanted me to draw "a self-portrait of you drawing a self-portrait in MS Paint" - if you say so!

The last art today is something I made for myself to show just
how nice it is in the UK right now!

Edit 04/03/18: As show in this thread, strata printed out the photo and put it on (what I hope is) his wall, this now means that I now have my very own real life art exhibition!


Made by Clive "James" Python, 04/03/18.
Thank you to Gwta for giving me art tips on Jake's drawing!*/*