Doom Text Reviews: The Data is Here

A look at a number of fan-made WADs from the Doom community, written by some bloke who has nothing better to do than play computer games from the 1990s. If you have any suggestions for any Doom mods you would like to see here, feel free to shot an E-Mail!

An older version of these reviews can be found on the OwlMan Hyperlink mirror

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Crap From The Past: WADPAK3.WAD (1994)

Crap Doom WAD from 1994.

Energia: Somewhere Lost in The Depths of Time

Very old Doctor Who fan WAD


Babies' first Doom WAD


Halloween themed WAD from the 90s that loves John Carpenter.

Kill 'Em With Kindness

Mod that shows that Doom can become cute.

Buttman 3D

A look at one of the best WADs for Doom.


Old, forgotten WAD that no-one remembers anymore.

The Unholy Trinity

One of the first - if not the first - WADs to be based of a real location.

11BONES: Don't Break The Circle

Very much of an unknown WAD.

Ars Doom: Can Computer Games Be Art?

Can bloody computer games be turned into art?

Marine Doom: A Mod Too Far?

A WAD that was made by the U.S. Marine Corps for war games.