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A Bad Guide To HTML1

PLEASE NOTE: This part of the site is still being fact-checked, some of the information may be wrong, if you know a thing or two about HTML (or even the WorldWideWeb browser), please contact me ether via my E-Mail (bottom of page) or on my Discord: OwlMan#6604 (or even on my Neocities page).

Are you on meth or just really thick? If so, HTML1 is for you -- or not -- probably not... *anyway*, this guide was written with the intent that you (yes, YOU!) can learn a thing or two about a computer language, uh, I mean a markup language for creating web pages and web applications...yeah...

If this is your first time learning about HTML, then this might *not* be the place for you, there are loads of other places where you can find out about HTML and its hotter, younger sister, CSS. Try searching around on the Web, or ask a homeless man or, I don't know, a purple raccoon called Ricky who is likely on meth.

Part I: Why This is a Bad Idea

Part II: Making A Website

Part III: Something To Do With HTML

Part IV: What Isn't Allowed

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