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Part II: Making A Website

Choosing a Webhost

As spoken about in Part I, you will need to find a webhost that allows for HTTP (and not HTTPS). We talked about how InfinityFree could be a good option for you, however, if you want to chose another service, here are the things you should look for...

I. Is it HTTP?

A lot of webhosts will have HTTPS by default, most of the time this is a good thing, as it encrypts all the information that is sent and received, however, in this rare and odd case that you want to set-up a site that is WorldWideWeb-compatible, then you *should* make sure it uses HTTP. If you are unsure, try looking at the information page for the host, failing that, look for other websites that are hosted; are they HTTP or HTTPS?

II. Does it add any unwanted text/information/scripts to the source code?

While a webhost may at first seem to be good, a few times it will automatically add any unwanted text/information/scripts to the source code. For example, Geocities.WS (not assaulted with Yahoo!) will add a script near the top of the source code for Google Analytics. To see if a host does this, look around on a few of their user's websites, looking at their source code. To do this, just press CTRL+U on your keyboard.

III. Is it drag 'n' drop?

Webhosts like only allow uses to use drag 'n' drop web design, while this might be ideal for other people, this is no-way ideal for people trying to make a website that is WorldWideWeb-compatible. Look for a webhost that allows the ability for text editors, rather than this black magic that is drag 'n' drop.

IV. Does it run ads?

Some webhosts have the audacity to run adverts on a user's website. When it comes down to it, we follow the same philosophy of Rotten Dot Com (rest in peace ;-;7) when it comes to banner ads; "Fuck off and die. Banners are an abomination unto the lord; were we to display graphic banners as some trashy porn sites do, we would lose our innocence and purity". Amen.

Anyway, that is a rather rude way of saying that any host that does run banner ads, can't be used, as when you think about how an ad is put on a site, it can be a mix of JavaScript and other, non-WWW comparable programs, plus, 99% of the time, ads on websites are made up of image files, and as you will see in part IV, the image tag (IMG) only came to be in HTML2.

There is an exception here, and that is, is the ad just pure text?

<a href="">Check out TEH LEROY, home of art and so much more

Once You Pick A Host

Once you have decided on a webhost you like (and one that follows the four rules), then you can sign-up for it. What is kind of ironic is that to not only sign-up for the webhost, but also be able to start uploading files, you will need to be using a web browser that isn't WorldWideWeb. Once you have fully signed-up for your new and sexy website, then you should be able to start editing it, this is when the fun starts! ;^)

If you have not done so, then this is the part where you need to crack open whatever (hopefully strong) alcohol you have decided to get addicted too.

Protip: If you are drinking whisky or vodka, why not mix it in with some fruit juice? It tastes even better than!

To Recap

To recap on this small page, for all of you forgetful fucks out there.
  • -Is it HTTP?
    -Read this page again if you forgot already, you dumb-ass
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