Want to use the code/HTML from the Spam Archive on your own site? Feel free to use anything from this part of the site, all that I ask is that you tell me (feel to PM me on Discord, OwlMan#6604) that you're using the code/HTML.

All you need to do is open the files below, and if you're on Windows, just press Ctrl+S, if you're on Apple then press one hundred keys, and if you're a Linux user, simply open a command line, and enter one billion lines of text.

Feel free to change the code/HTML as much or as little as you like.

index.html: index_html.txt
style.css: spam.css
example_email.html: example_email.txt
example_html.html example_html.txt

Little FAQ...

Q. How do I copy the HTML of the E-Mail?
A. Once you open the E-Mail, you might see an icon that looks like three dots in a row, a down arrow, or even some text that will say something like "more options". If you press this then there might be an ability to view the raw HTML of the E-Mail.

Simply copy all of it, and paste it into the new E-Mail page that you made. You may also like to download the images of the E-Mail so that they show up. You might not like to download other file types.

Q. Do I need to show my E-Mail address?
A. No, not at all.

Q. Should I tell the spammer that their E-Mail is on my site?
A. Well you can, but they can change their E-Mail address in seconds, and continue to spam, so it's kind of pointless.

Q. Are there any risks of having my own spam archive?
A. If you list your E-Mail address, then there is a chance that other scammers will get a hold of it.

Also, depending on what your website host is, then your host may think that your website is a legitimate scam website. To try and avoiding this, please do not host any items that could put the viewer to risk (just don't do this, full stop). If you are unsure if your host will suspend your website, try looking at their terms of service page (it will probably be at the bottom of the website), if you are still unsure, you can send them an E-Mail, talking about what the spam archive is, and even if it helps, you may link to this website.

If your website is hosted on Neocities, then you probably will be fine, but if you just joined the webhost, you might like to build up your site with other stuff, rather than just going out of the gates with a spam archive.

If you're using InfinityFree then you might like to think twice, as they suspended the website of Randy after he had put his spam archive online. His archive can be found here.