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Questions about the site

Q. Why do you do this?
A. I get a lot of spam mail sent to my inbox, and rather than enjoying laughing at the BS the wankers send me, I believed that the whole world should enjoy laughing at the utter lies some of the scamers (AKA twats) send me.

Q. I like what you're doing, how can I help?
A. Well I don't want your money, but if you want to help, feel free to link to my website. If you really want to shine, you can mess around with the scammers, failing that, please feel free to spam the hell out of my E-Mail address, sendmemailnow@protonmail.com, even if it is just you sending me rubbish you wrote yourself using a throwaway E-Mail address!

Q. Can I make my own version of this?
A. Sure, feel free to use my HTML/CSS!

Q. I want to show off spam E-Mails I have gotten, but I don't have the time/skills/anything else to host it, what can I do?
A. If you want, I am more than willing to host a spam E-Mail you have gotten, just copy the E-Mail, and send it my way, or just forward me the E-Mail you got to owlman@protonmail.com, adding any comments you want me to see, such as if I should strip away your E-Mail address (if you add no comments, I'll remove your address just to be sure, so that you don't get flooded with spam).

Q. How come you got so much spam?
A. While I can't 100% say why, I can assume that as I have made my E-Mail address public on this site, a bad webcraler robot has found this address, and has put it in a spam index full of other people's E-Mails. Along with this, I have also signed a few mugu guestbooks, so I can get more spam, along with this, scammers sell E-Mail adders lists in bulk to other scammers, so my address has been passed around a fair bit.

Q. You have put an E-Mail on your spam archive that is not spam, what's next?
A. I highly doubt this as I do it all by hand, by if I somehow indexed an E-Mail that was not spam, please E-Mail me about it, and I'll take it off - but as I said, I index this by hand, that means I see everything that comes in, but regardless, I am only a human, and I do make errors just like everyone else.

If I put up one of your E-Mails in error, then I will only take it down if you E-Mail me using the same address or prove to me that it is not spam.

Q. Can I share the E-Mails on your site around?
A. While I have no problem with people sharing the E-Mailes on this archive, please, please, please keep in mind that some places won't like you sharing these E-Mails as they have people's addresses, scam websites, etc. If you want to, feel free to screencap the E-Mail on my site you want to share, and then cover up all names and the like in MS Paint or whatever. If you do that, it would be nice if in the comments of the post you wrote something like "I found this E-Mail on https://owlman.neocities.org/", but of cause if you can't do that, than I don't mind not having any credit.

Q. Aren't you breaking copyright law?
A. Yes, but as the scammer's are already on the wrong side of the law, I doubt that they will sue me, so in other words, two wrongs make a right.

Also, I want to spell this out, as I have gotten one person who believed that if the scammers sent them mail, that the person getting the mail now owns the copyright. THIS IS NOT HOW COPYRIGHT WORKS AT ALL!
You do not in anyway "own" the copyright of anything just because someone sent you a copy of it. If someone sent you a drawing they made via E-Mail, would you then now own the copyright of that dawning? No, not at all.

You can only know for sure if you own the copyright if the copyright holder has written it down in black and white, sending over a document that they made does not mean you now on the rights in anyway what's-so-ever. I hope we're clear on that.

Q. Have any of the scammers seen your archive?
A. Not yet, but I hope if and when they do, they send me an angry letter!

Q. What are you counting as spam?
A. Simply put, if anybody else got the same E-Mail, would they think it was spam and unwelcome? If yes, then it would be spam.

Q. xxx
A. x

Q. I got a scam E-Mail, what should I do?
A. You have three options;

1. You can choose to ignore it
2. You can report it. Simply find the domain name in the E-Mail address, for example google.com Report it. Find the domain name in the emailaddress, for example xcvmail.com. Inform the fraud protection team by copying the email message and its header information into a new email addressed to abuse@xcvmail.com (Note 1). The header is very important for locating where the email was sent from.