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	OwlMail No. VI
	Date: 25/09/17 - 09/05/18
	E-Mail me: owlman@protonmail.com
	My Website: https://owlman.neocities.org
	Text falls under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


"Sign of Satan"
This Week:
>>WELCOME - To a whole new world...
>>WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OWLMAIL??? - You must know!
>>CHRISTINA - Photos from over 100 years ago
>>ASCII OF THE NOW - We all love ASCII
>>CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! - You better!
>>UNTIL NEXT TIME... - Piss off



Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum, I'm back, yes,
that's right, if I wasn't back then you wouldn't
be reading this and I wouldn't be lying in a
ditch somewear in Hull with cheap wine up my
arse. Too graphic? Ah, who cares? Not me!

Anyway, after a short hiatus, OwlMail
is back, baby and better than ever!

Well, that's what I wrote over SIX MONTHS AGO
when I was unsure if OwlMail will come back, but
this is probably going to be the last ever issue
of OwlMail ever zOMG! Or not, who the Hell knows
for sure?!



So, what is going on with OwlMail? What is its
fate? As stated, this is going to be the last
issue of OwlMail, there are a some of reasons
behind this, the main one being that it was
more of a test to see if the format would work
aaaaand at the end of the day, does it work? The
short answer is no, it doesn't work at all, one
big reason why this is, is because I am limited
to just ASCII charters, no photos, no proper
links, not even italics. Compared to
OwlMan: After Dark it's very striped down.

For After Dark, I can have an idea and post it
the same day, for OwlMail, I need to wait one
week to post that idea, like Christ on a bike!

Anyway, it was somewhat fun making OwlMail, but I
think it's even more fun posting on After Dark,
sorry if you liked this "mail" thing, but that's
just the way it is!

But saying that, I do think that ASCII of The Now
is a good idea that I may keep and post on After
Dark, but who knows!

Also, while reading this issue, keep in mind that
a lot of it was written around September 2017 and
a lot has changed since then.

Link to After Dark:




Beautiful photos taken in 1913 by Mervyn
O'Gorman (1871-1958), Blond Girl in Dress the
main subject of the photos is a blond girl who
was only known as "Christina" for a long time
and was presumed to be the daughter of
O'Gorman, an engineer and photographer, who was
43 when he shot the dreamlike photos - but the
girl was in fact called Christina Elizabeth
Frances Bevan, who was the daughter of Mr
O'Gorman's family friend.

Christina Bevanhey was 16 years old when the
photos were taken, meaning she was born on the
8th of March 1897 and died in Aylesbury in 1981
at the age of 84. She was never married and had
no children. She was the daughter of Edwyn and
Mary Bevan. Her father, Edwyn Robert Bevan, was
born in 1870 and died in 1943, he was a prominent
philosopher, writer on comparative religions and
lecturer in Hellenistic Studies at King's
College, London.

Her mother, formally the Hon. Mary
Waldegrave, was born in 1870, married Edwyn on
the 25th of April 1896 and thus became Mary
Bevan. She was known by family and friends as
"Daisy" and it is not known when she died.

Christina's sister, Anne, died about two years
after her in 1983.

It is worth noting that the photos have not been
recoloured, in fact colour has been added by a
process called "autochrome." These photos are
from the original plates. 



ASCII of The Now is a "weekly" thing that I do
where I show you the best ASCII art that I've
found on the Web. Oh boy, this week is great!

Today's AoTN seems to be a devil holding a
sword, talk about kick-ass!

When I found the ASCII, for some reason the
owner of the website had it so the font of the
page was whatever the viewers default browser
font is - now, this isn't a sin, but if you
check out the link, you'll find out that the
ASCII falls on itself.

        .   .
      //     \\
     / |_   _| \
     \`..` '..'/
      \       /
       \     /
        `. ,'  
      __/   \__ 
    .'         `.
  .'   --. .--   \   _
.' .'\        /\ |  (O)
: :   |       || :  :8: 
 \ \  |  _:_  |`. `-E=)  
  \ \ |  _:_  |  '..E=) 
   \ 'B   :   |    _:8:_
    `.B       | ,_'| | |`
      |  ._,  |< _`| | | 
      |  | |  | ` `| | |
      |  | |  |`.__| | |
      |  | |  |`.__| | |
      (  ) (  )    |`: |
      |  | |  |    |`.`|
      |  | |  |    | |`|
      |  | |  |    | | |
      |  | |  |    | | |
   ,-'  .' `.  `-. \ | /
l42`'..'     `..''  \|/




From the worst part of the Web, I have found some
of the very best links for you to click on and
check out!

Enjoy at your own cost...











Most of the time on here, I write abut a new band
that I have found out about, and this issue is
going to be the same as all of the others, oh

This issue's band is Blitzkrieg, a band I only
found out about by looking up old heavy meta
demos up on YouTube about five months ago, and
yeah, I quite liked the demo I found, it's from
what I'm guessing was a live gig and it sounds
really cool.

Okay some of the audio sounds a bit funky, but it
was probably recorded from a home tape that was
under someone's bed for 30 years.

So far I've heard only fore of their albums, but
all of the ones I've heard are really great. If I
was you, I'd be on the look out for their 1995
album "Unholy Trinity", it's a really mean
sounding album that I can't stop playing, one of
the best songs on the album is also called 
"Unholy Trinity" and it's about Jack The Ripper
and that fucking rocks.

Also, the last song of the album, House of
Pleasure, for myself is really funny; the song
has lyrics such as "With ecstatic feelings of
pain, a schoolgirl blitz, and nuns with big tits,
all ready and waiting to please, you're feeling
so high, stroking silken thighs, you'll never
get up from your knees." and "These ladies all
stand, vibrators in hand, you know they like
satin and lace, it all gets too much, they show
their crotch, and then they, will sit on your
face, try a 69, all positions are fine"

I know what it's about, but I can't stop but find
it really funny, I don't know why, I must have a
brain of a 14-year-old boy.

: http://www.blitzkriegmusic.com/

: 1981 DEMO
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_prT4it5NSU



I'm really sorry, this was a crap letter There
will probably be a new issue of OwlMail coming
out soon, or not, who knows!

~ Clive "James" Python


Never stop doing what you love, never.

	{OuO}  {OuO} -(Thank you for reading!)
	/)_)   (__(\
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