An English Twat Goes to Wales

God is obviously Welsh because he made sheep so god damn sexy

- Me, March 2018

Every once and a while the care home where I live for slow-in-the-minds let myself have a holiday once or so a year in Wales. This is the second time that I wrote an entry on going to Wales on a holiday, the first was (I think) one year ago today with the blog "Post Death. 19?? - 2017" - a post that only a handful of people would get the title for.

Let me start off by saying how nice Wales is, Wales is such a nice and calm place to be, okay admittedly I was staying in a village, but it was still nice!

Who needs CSS when you're okay at HTML?

The heat wasn't that bad for my paper-colour skin, it must have only got up to 20°C, thank God, meaning that I didn't want to die because of the heat, plus the sea was quite nice and cool, so yay there!

Just like last year I took a week off from updating this site, that meant that I got time to work on a yet unnamed project that I've been working really hard on for the last two plus months. I'm not going to say what it is, but I really hope you will like it!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-06-04.*/