Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Clive "James" Python

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted to be famous, they wanted their life to be made into a movie, they even speculated on whether Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino would direct it.

The two boys seemed to like making shitty things that we shell cover now...

The Basement Tapes

Just like with Meiwes and Brandes, the two boys made home movies in c. 1999, all known as "The Basement Tapes".

In December of 1999, the tapes were given to the late Tim Roche of Time Magazine, whom with Nancy Gibbs wrote an article on the five tapes, this would have been the first time that the public would know about said tapes. What is odd here is that the family members of the deceased threatened to sue Jefferson County, considering the fact that not even they had been given access to the recordings. They came to an agreement, with Jefferson County quickly screening the tapes for them, and then vaulting them away "indefinitely." So far only two out of five tapes were officially released to the public, the other three are claimed to be destroyed because of fear of potential copycat violence.

The Two found tapes are easy to find online, the two tapes are "Hitman for Hire" and "Rampart Range"; in both of the movies, Eric and Dylan try (and fail) to seem kewl 'n' kickass by dressing themselves in long leather coats and playing with guns.

Brief overviews of the 3 unreleased tapes.

  • Evidence item #265 (One 8mm tape, recorded mid-March 1999):

    This tape begins with footage of Harris and Klebold in Harris' house on March 15, drinking Jack Daniels, and talking about how they hope that the videos that they're making will soon be shown all over the world, once their so-called "masterpiece" had been completed, and when everyone would be looking for answers. They talk about how they used various people to acquire their weapons, before referring to a classmate of theirs, Brandon Larson and how "you will find his body." They then move onto discussing the weapons, before getting into their personal philosophical views, and talking about various people who they believed had done them wrong. They continue showing off their arsenal of weapons, whilst making subtle references to their planned massacre.

    The camera then cuts to a shot later in the day, where the two are talking about their plan in greater detail, bragging about how many people they are going to kill. They suggest that their story should be made into a film, speculating on whether Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino would direct it.

    The tape then cuts in and out once again, to the two boys on March 18 "in the middle of the night." Again, they talk about their plans to murder people, before discussing various things such as credit card fraud and tests, and inventing excuses on why they would need certain parts that they were still to purchase for their upcoming attack, in case anyone was to ask them. They ponder if the police will watch the entire footage of the tapes, then suggest that the authorities would probably slice the footage up, omitting certain parts to convey a specific image of the killers, twisting their words so to speak. Finally, they talk about how they wanted copies of their videos to be sent to 4 news networks before Harris briefly references his journal. The tape then ends.

  • Evidence item #298 (Two 8mm tapes, one recorded April 11 1999, one date unknown):

    The first of these two tapes is labelled "Reb's Tape" (Reb being Harris' nickname), and shows footage of the two in the front of a car, stating that "We are on our way to get the rest of our gear", before revealing the date, April 11, and claiming that "We've been planning this for over eight months". The camera then cuts out and back into the two once again driving, revealing that they had just purchased two large fuel containers, as well as three propane bottles.

    The tape then stops once more, before cutting back to a closeup of Harris' face; he is now alone and begins to talk about his family, apologising for the agony that he knew the coming events would put them through and telling them that it was not their fault. He states that there are seven and one-third days left, before listing off five names. Finally, Harris turns the camera to his previously seen journal which he now dubs the "Writings of God," flicking through the book while talking about his beliefs, before showing various "Doom drawings" that he had done near the back of the book. The tape then finishes.

    The second tape simply contained small amounts of footage of Klebold, Harris and two other boys, presumably in footage recorded for a school project. As such, most people don't count this additional tape as part of the "Basement Tapes" (it has been included here for reference reasons, and due to the fact that it is counted by authorities as part of evidence item #298).

  • Evidence item #333 (One 8mm tape, recorded late-March to April 20 1999):

    This tape was found by authorities in a Sony 8mm video camera with "Columbine High School" engraved on the side (evidence item #200). The tape was labelled "Top Secret Rampart." It begins with footage of Harris and Klebold in Harris' home, with Harris filming. Weapons can be seen on the floor, such as pipe bombs (which Harris begins to describe in detail), as well as two guns (a sawn-off shotgun and a carbine) and two boxes of bullets. Shortly afterwards, Klebold takes the camera and aims it at Harris, who is now holding the guns.

    The camera then cuts out and back in, now showing Harris (in different clothing) again holding the guns. The two converse for a while, then the tape cuts out again. When the footage cuts back in, it is of Harris alone in a moving car, with the camera mounted on the dashboard. He then begins to apologise to various friends for what he had planned to do, talks about how "It's a weird feeling knowing you're going to be dead in two and a half weeks", about whether he "should do it before or after prom", and that he would have liked to have re-visited Michigan and some "old friends". He then falls silent and begins to cry, wiping a tear from his face, before shutting the camera off.

    The next cut-in shows the two men in Klebold's bedroom, fiddling around with their weapons and securing guns to their clothing (the same clothing that they would die in). Harris once again mentions Brandon Larson and talks about his head being on his knife (despite the two threats made towards Larson in the videos, he did not end up being one of their victims). They talk some more about various things before the camera once again cuts out.

    The next footage seen is that of Klebold and Harris once again in Harris' home. Harris is filming Klebold. "Say it now" speaks Harris, prompting Klebold to begin giving a goodbye message to his friends and family. Klebold then takes the camera and films Harris, who too, records a goodbye message. The final words spoken on the recording are of Harris saying "That's it. Sorry. Goodbye", before Kleold sticks his face in the camera and also says "Goodbye." The final image is a few seconds of the static camera facing a sign on the wall of Harris' bedroom (partially blocked by someone's arm in the camera's line of sight), with a haunting image of the letters "CHS", along with a bomb with a lit fuse, and the word "clue", written in bold black lettering. Authorities have determined that this last piece of footage was taken roughly 30 minutes before the attack.

It's Going to be Like Fuckin' Doom

Doom is a kick-arse game, published in 1993 by id Software. Everyone who has ever played this game has loved it and if any Sunny Jim tell you otherwise, their lying and you should not trust them.

Like any teen in the 90's Harris would have loved Doom, loved it so much that on the 17th of January 1999 he wrote a short story for his class, in which he describes a game of Doom from the first person perspective, including gathering up bullets and weapons and witnessing piles of bodies. His Teacher gave him a C+ and wrote;

Yours is a unique approach and your writing works in a gruesome way - good details and mood setting

It would seem his love for Doom when so far he made his own mods for the game well, for Doom II... Most of the mods are deathmatch maps and are crap.

If you want to play the mods, there are some archives online such as A Columbine Site and by your dear old OwlMan. As I said, most of the mods are crap and not worth your time. If you really must play one of them I would say play uaclabs.wad, as it's quite a well-made map that is fun to play, despite the fact it was made by a killer.

Because people knew Eric liked Doom, it became a scapegoat for people. If Doom really was what caused Eric to kill, then we should also blame other random things such as A Clockwork Orange for promoting ultra-violence, we should blame Judas Priest for the death of James Vance and Raymond Belknap, we should put the blame on Star Wars for gun violence.

It is not the media who is to blame here, it is the people who carried out the act.

Oh, and one last thing, if you the person reading this feels unsure about playing the mods here, don't. No one will blame you if you don't play them.

Doom WAD that Resembled Columbine High School..?

Being that this is the Internet, there is a lot of he said she said bullshit around Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, such as a false claim that Eric made a mod for Doom that looked like various parts of his high school, including the library. Instead of monsters as the target, he targeted students in the custom made levels.

This is not true in any way, Doom modding wasn't that advanced in the late 90s to support room-over-room levels and anyone who thinks otherwise, or makes a YouTube video spreading misinformation does not know how Doom works.

There was a mod later made for Doom II called ColumbineDOOM2 that was of the high school, some really dumb people believe that Harris made this mod, despite the fact that THIS IS THE FIRST THING YOU SEE WHEN YOU OPEN THE WAD.

Trench Coat Mafia

In 1994 a loner student at Columbine High School was given a black duster (trench coat) as a gift from his mother, it would seem he was fond of it, as he wore it to school, soon after, the student's friend started wearing a black trench coat as well, because he liked the style. It wasn't long before others followed suit. The students went as far as keeping the coats on in hot weather.

It was not long until the jocks in the school started to call them "a trench coat mafia" after this, the group of friends took on the name and wore it like a badge, adopting the name for themselves, "The Trench Coat Mafia" or just TCM for short.

The TCM wore all black and in attempts to fight back against the popular athletes and jocks in the school, the Trench Coat Mafia ridiculed the jocks right back, attempting to stand up against bullies in the school by being anti-bully rangers.

Let me get one thing out of the way here. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were never a part of the TCM, they had friends who were in it, but that was as far as it went.

Soon after the shooting Soylent Communications registered, the site has some unlisted pages, that if you want to look at go ahead.

The landing page is just full of hate-mail, such as this lovely one from Sieve 31;

From: "Sieve 31" <>
Subject: ?????


yu are some sick f**ks!!!!! alls i can say is that those two kids are
lucky they shot themselves.......cuz they would have had to watch
themselves.....if they hadn't. I can't believe that you would make a
website about these dumb asses. GROOOOOWWWWWWWW up!!!!! and take those
pictures of those kids down, this isnt something you should
post......respect those kids and let them live a peaceful death. I
hope they track all yu fucks down and put you in those prisons where
they put all the pedophiles and massmurderers, cuz thats the class yu
are in!!!! Don't try and f**k around with me either, cuz i guarantee
that you will be sorry if you do! ........Trench coat
Mafia.........more like dumbfuck loser mafia...........we can't help
that yu guys were's your own fault..........there
is more to school than just friends. Maybe yu should have tried to be
smart! NUff'.......said!!!!!
Sieve31.......hahahahaa *L*

Thank you for that lovely letter, on the subject of hate-mail, here is one Tom Fulp of Newgrounds got. There are a lot more, but this seemed to stand out.


I am not in the habit of emailing the producers of web sites, but I found yours so disturbing that I have to send this. In light of what happened at Columbine High School, your site is terribly sick. It may or may not have played at part in what happened, but the image of a person with a gun in a long coat cannot be assigned to simple coincidence. You probably will write this off as just another person giving you the attention you so badly crave. This is not the case. I'm a Ph.D. who thinks we all need to take responsibility for what we do, write, and say. You are no exception.

Dr. Sharon S.

On The Web

Both the boys had an online profile ("Internet killers") and screen names, Eric was REB DoMiNe and Dylan was known as v0dKa. Althow v0dKa used the Net, it was REB who used it the most, seeing that he made his own web page where he wrote about things he liked such as Doom, unfunny jokes, long rants and all while using very basic HTML.

Because Eric Harris is sooo funny one of his (shit) web pages had some really funny JO MAMMA! jokes, such as these (take note Billy Connolly);

Jo mamma is so fat that she cant find very many diet plans that help her! JJJEEEEYAAA!!

Jo mamma is so fat the people say, "damn, theres a obese woman."! JJJEEEEYAAA!!

Jo mamma is so old that she has lots of grey hairs! and they are even overdue! JJJEEEEYAAA!!

Jo mamma's car is so blue, that people say its almost black! JJJEEEEYAAA!!

Jo mamma scissors are so dull, that she cant cut paper very well with them! JJJEEEEYAAA!!

You just know if Eric was alive today he would be doing rage comics.

Long after the attack, like long after, people online seemed to be idolising both the boys such as in this great art or how about this?

Oh, and one last thing, the boys did get a movie made about them, six months after their attack, not directed by Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino, but by William Hellfire and Joey Smack, the movie being "Duck! The Carbine High Massacre". It's a "comedy" movie staring Derwin (William Hellfire) and Derick (Joey Smack). No one should watch it, not because of the theme, let's face it, it's because it's shite and unfunny.

After the film was released, Hellfire and Smack were arrested for possession of weapons on school property. The film is said to have helped pay for Hellfire's legal fees.


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