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Around June 2019, I found a forum post on the Doomworld website talking about the Freedoom website being WWW-compatible (Not WWW-compatible). The forum post correctly says that the Freedoom website uses features not supported by WorldWideWeb (the first web browser; discontinued in 1994), such as CSS (first made in 1996). So, as a way to truly put that forum joke to bed, and to play around with my web skillz (spelt with a Z, as I'm hip), I started to do some research on what I can and can't do in relation to making a WWW-compatible website.

From what I can tell, WorldWideWeb uses HTML1, this was made before the Worldwide Web Consortium, W3C (who are the people who continue the development of the web and its languages, and who also want to make standards for the languages of the web and to improve them) was formed. "HTML1" is simply the name for Sir Tim Berners-Lee's original HTML. If anyone could take credit for "making" the Web, it would be Berners-Lee. Unlike today where there feels like there are hundreds of HTML tags, there were only 18 tags in total (Not including stuff like H1 to H6, in this instance they are one whole tag), and now as we are in the percent, not many of the tags from HTML1 are still used; they were killed off.

Because of this glaring fact, I was only really limited to 12 tags (image from here, non WWW-compatible link), so the webpage that I wanted to make in my head, wasn't going to happen in reality, but one weird upside of making a website that can run in WorldWideWeb, it means that this part of my site can run in (as far as I am aware) *any* web browser (by the way, HTML1 didn't make use of the italics element tag, so instead I need to do *this*), old or new.

Overall, I would say that it really only took me an hour 30 to make this site. Am I happy with what I made? I guess so, yes, but I must say that this experiment doesn't repentant the rest of my work on this website all that well, but it was fun to make, and hopefully it will attract people to browse through my site!

- OwlMan, August 2019, (the mailto tag hadn't been made yet).

P.S. If you *do* make a website that can run on WorldWideWeb, drop me a line, I would love to see it :)