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Straight outta the crap factor comes Juno 5.0 Build 33, a web browser that has not been updated in well over ten plus years. Unlike most browsers (and bowers at the time), Juno was not fun at all to set up. Normally whenever you start up a browser, the most it will ask is if you want to set it as your default bowers, but no, Juno needs to be special, Juno wants you to tell it everything about yourself; what you use the WWW for, where you live, your phone number, and even how much you make a year - a bit over-the-top.

Personally, all I did was make an account on there, making a new E-Mail address in the process, kind of BS that I need to do that, but still, the questions it asked at the start could put *a lot* of people off it, and understandably (note that I just clicked on random answers on there; the browser is no longer updated, and I doubt that anyone still checks it). Regardless, the browser is a bit picky on what it will and will not view, so it seems to like HTTPS and - of cause - HTTP, but JavaScript will pop-up one one billion errors and the browser doesn't always know how to use CSS.

Bytemoth of cd5k.net suggested that the browser might be an Internet Explorer shell, and they would indeed be correct, as HTML5test.com confirms this, stating that I am using Internet Explorer 11.0, although it is wrong in stating that I am using on Windows 8, this is funny as IE11


Screenshot 1 (PNG, GIF)

The browser will run the owlman.rf.gd fine without any questions asked, not all that unexpected, seeing that the site only uses pure HTML with no CSS or JS. When Randy of tehleroy.neocities.org saw a screenshot of this browser, they commuted that "[The search bar] is the most 2000s thing ever" [GIF].

Screenshot 2 (PNG, GIF)

What is an unique fetcher of the browser is whenever you open it, it will ask you to enter your E-Mail password. This could be very useful if you don't want people spying on what you're doing if you're on a shared computer, but less useful if you are on a computer that only you own.

Screenshot 3 (PNG, GIF)

One of the (now outdated) benefits of using the Juno browser is that it has its own mail feature to it, meaning that you were able to send and get E-Mails within the browser itself, however, this no longer works at all, you can *try* and send an E-Mail to someone, and it will certainly say that it has sent, but in reality nothing sends.

Screenshot 4 (PNG, GIF)

For some strange reason, the browser will treat TXT files that have HTML code (I know HTML isn't a code) as if they really were a .html file, so here we see it running this page as if it was *really* a real page.


You can download Juno from the following URL; http://www.oldversion.com/windows/juno/

You can download Juno 5.0 Build 33 from the following URLs;

Last updated: 2019-11-10