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Here is Arachne v1.97 (from 2013) running on DOSBox, a discontinued browser written in C and compiled using Borland C++ 3.1. I couldn't get it to connect to the WWW, so I had to make a local copy of the site, for some reason it changes "index.html" to "index~1.html". Very slow browser, not very fun, do say if you get it to connect to the Web.

The browser was very simple to set-up in DOSBox, all I had to do was download the latest version, put it in my c directory, exact it, and simply run "A197GPL.EXE" in DOSBox.

This is the first time that I have used a DOS-based browser, and because of that, I'm not *really* sure if it's crappy or not. The browser is kind of unique looking, what with its broken tile look to it, so I'll give it that.


Screenshot 1 (PNG, GIF)

Screenshot shows that the website runs fine with the web browser. If you look at the URL bar, you will see that the page is from a local copy (so on my computer, rather on the WWW), this is because I failed to connect to the Web with Arachne.

Screenshot 2 (PNG, GIF)

The webpage rendering my HTML1 guide, what is not seen is that the <xmp> tag is not recognised, so rather than some ASCII art looking like this;

{O,O}  {O,O}
/)_)   (__(\
 ""     " "

It instead would look something like this;

{O,O} {O,O}/)_) (__(\ "" " "

Screenshot 3 (PNG, GIF)

The browser, for DOS reasons (I think), does not show colours correctly. The image is *meant* to be an image of my lurcher-greyhound mix dog, Rue, however, the colours are *very* off. The original image can be found here.

Screenshot 4 (PNG, GIF)

Showing Part II of my HTML1 guide.

Screenshot 5 (PNG, GIF)

A nice touch is that TXT files use a dark theme with green text (like Jason Scott's


You can download Arachne from the following URL;

You can download Arachne v1.97 from the following URLs;
Last updated: 2019-10-29