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       Who is Who in Ascii Art: News
       Page made for updates for Who is Who in Ascii Art. If you want to see news for the site, click here.

19th of December 2016
18:01: Added Mabel Mak
18:05: Added Duke Lee

10th of December 2016
01:48: Removed wrong info for snd
02:01: Added ch1x0r
02:03: Added 94j18gtk
02:08: Added Andrew Crowe
02:15: Added Michael C. Ling
02:23: Added bonnnie
02:29: Added Galen Komatsu
16:18: Added Thomas E. Cardwell II
16:43: Added Taro Rehrl
16:54: Added James Stone
22:00: Added Brian Kim
22:31: Added Dov Sherman
22:52: Added Cliff Caoile
23:16: Added Ramon Herrera
23:25: Added Steven J. Simmons

6th of December 2016
20:56: Page made for news on Who is Who in Ascii Art.
21:06: Added Andy Hood, their site has a lot of link rot. I found there site here.
21:21: Updated link for >MK<