Is Pr0n Allowed on Neocities?

When it comes to adult content, people always seen to be unsure about what is and is not allowed on Neocities, you will see from time to time people saying things such as "porn isn't allowed on Neocities" or "[Porn] is a threat to the core values of this precious platform!" [NSFW link]. This is not true, adult content is allowed on the webhost, and this can be shown to be true very easily. On Neocities there is a Terms of Service page, this is just a fancy way of saying what a user can't post on the host, perhaps one of the most important lines on this page relating to the adult content debate is this;

Offensive Material
You understand that information available to you through Neocities may include materials that are unedited, sexually explicit or offensive to you and that your access to such materials is at your own risk. Neocities and its affiliates hereby disclaim any responsibility for or control over such materials.

To further support this, if you (while you are logged in), go to Settings > Manage Site Settings > 18+ you will see that there is a page called "18+ Content" that reads "If your site contains objectionable (18+) content, check this box. Your site will not be removed, but it will be listed on a special browse page. We don't have an official policy on what defines 18+ content yet, but basically it's just pornography and lewd/sick/gross images. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we try to find a way to balance out the needs of everyone", so when someone says "porn isn't allowed on Neocities", they're just outright wrong. Feel free to smugly link them to this page if you like.