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To: Undisclosed Recipients, and OwlMan <>
Date: Friday, 10 January 2020 18:39
Size: 784 bytes

Hello Guys..
 My name is PhantomDviper ( you can google if you want)
Am selling tools for work..
ADMIN RDP servers
None ADMIN RDP servers
Email  DATABASE (raw one not extracted>> contanting phone number email, first name, last name and 

home address)
Godday( you can use it for your reply-to because it has company name. last for life time... 

support fake emails E.g,, etc)
NordVPN paid account
Mega Pictures for work
WEB email extractor ( extract email from any web address)
Bulk email verifier

 I do not teach, because am not good in teaching. I only sell. (I dont blast emails for people)


Please you must have anydesk or teamviewer in your system for you to be able to connect on my 

system to see samples before you pay. ( I hate nonsense)

I accept BTC and Bank transfer..
(I sell base on your budget, I dont have fix prize)
When you reply i will give you my whatsapp number if you want....

contact me now to do real business no joking no kidding.. PhantomDviper never fails....xDDDDDDDDD