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Subject: Verify your Email Account.
From: ProtonMail <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients, and OwlMan <>
Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 09:51
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Dear ProtonMail User,

As part of our effort to improve your experience across our consumer services, we’re updating the  Services Agreement. We want to take this opportunity to notify you about these verification for your safety.

If you do not update your account within 48 hours your account will be deactivated and deleted from our server and you will no longer have access to many of our features for improved Conversations, contacts and attachments.

Take a minute to verify your account for a faster, safer and full-featured  experience and to avoid your account being De-Activated. 

Click this Link to Verify Your Account

Note:  Your email account send/receive services will permanently be disabled if you fail to verify correctly.

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