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Subject: update
From: Waltisout <[removed]>
To: OwlMan <>
Date: Sunday, 27 January 2019 20:38
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Greetings brother...

Yesterday Kim and I were down in Pentiction. I forgot my phone on the kitchen table so there it sat all day.So sorry I missed your text and left you with thinking about Kim for 24hs. Kim, my friend, definitely can wear her hard shell. She is often very bold in her speech and often comes across as rude. I have to remind her she is doing this to people and sometimes seen this way.

She does this without even realizing she is viewed as sometimes being rude.
Inside her shell is kindness and a good heart full of good intentions.
Kim, has been extremely busy with many files helping others and it over whelms her.There are people heading to court soon and the pressure of her getting the paper work done for them gives her this stress.
Please don't read anything into her yesterdays thoughts and comments. It is just her being very direct.She is like this with everyone including me. 
I explained to her that not one of the people on the email list you circulate with have the level of understanding of the bible you do. I also said to her that not one brother/sister responded to  Robins questions of  where is he not following scripture?
Kim is very bold for a few short minutes and then it is like nothing was ever said. It is just the way she is...Not to be concerned.
Hope this helps
Thanks for doing a fantastic job with this claim!
You are truly blessed Robin.. Kim also said you look good in your beard.I agreed it really suits you!
Have a wonderful day.

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