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UNITED NATION CREDIT UNION COMPENSATION FUNDS Bravo Congratulations during the spinning lottery of the UNITED NATION COMPENSATION fundS your (E-mail Id & Name) was chosen among the beneficiary of ($6.5m USD) six millions five hundred

thousand dollars of the United Nations compensation funds NOTE : this is to inform you that this program was organized by the United

State government and world bank also sponsor by I M F, Samsung, Amazon, Coca-cola, Real Madrid

football club, Mercedes, face Book and other sublimate to assist and compensate victim and non victim who have being engaged in

the hands of fraudster and swindlers and also as a mist of favor and help to enrich people all over the world this is to reduce

poverty, put smile and change the life of every individual completely Thus because everyone in the world can't be compensated

generally the United Nations official come up with the idea and platform of spinning lottery and every individual who's name and email I'd

are selected in the raffle draw of the ATM Master Visa card spinning lottery's will be part of the beneficiary funds of usd$6 .5millions dollars

this lottery was done hidden because of the curiosity and anxiety of people and masses all over the world there's no awareness or

advert on TV, internet showcase non public announcement about the spping lottery, Luckily this message was send to you as a surprise because you are

one of the lucky winner whose name and email I'd was selected to benefit among the usd$6.5 million US dollars this is a big addition

and support to your life and career note this money has already be fully installed and program in the ATM Master Visa Card and

can't be withdraw or Transfer by anyone else. this is your secret code to activate 0361 your ATM master Visa card please you

shouldn't disclose it to anyone for security and safety purpose you are entitled to withdraw usd$10,000 dollars on a daily basics and

transfer usd$100,000 dollars to any other account of your choice until the funds is totally exhausted the ATM master Visa Card was

program in this platform to guide and support the beneficiary form careless and reckless spending of their compensation funds. to

stamp and approve your ATM master Visa card Contact Senior Manager LEE MIYOSHI Global Director Payments (Global Transaction Services)

Bank of America NEW YORK at the email listed below

Director department email



1. Your full: Name:
2. Country :
3. Sex & Age :
4. Occupation :
5 passport or id card No:
6. Mobile Telephone:
6. Mobile Telephone:
7. Delivery Address:

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