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Subject: See the attached draft application
From: Mr Monisha Panickar <>
To: George Saxon <>
Date: Tuesday, 9 July 2019 01:03
Size: 33.4 KB

Dear Mr Saxon ,

Thanks for your email.

Please fill the attached application with your correct personal information and send it to my bank direct swift transfer department email address as shown below:

My bank department Contact Address:

African Development Bank Group
Swift Transfer Department
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Note:  When your application arrive my bank, they will reply back to you by sending you a question form to answer regarding the deceased woman, when you receive the form please send it to me so as to fill in the correct answers and send back to you to return to my bank.

You should please keep it secret so that there will be no linkage till we succeed in getting the money out from this bank.  I am one of the executive board members of this bank branch; I will play my part here to make sure we get this fund out within few days from now. Your Share is 50% while mine is 50% after confirmation of the fund in your bank account.

Reply me as soon as you send this application to my bank so that I can monitor the process.

See the draft application attached

Looking forward to hearing from you soon as it is sent..

Sincerely Yours,


Application form for claim.doc (As a PNG)