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Subject: Re: Dear, More Clearification
To: Keeper of The Bridge of Death <>
Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019 22:24
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once again and how are you today? In view of your response, I
considered it worthwhile to clarify you more on this issue before we
proceed, I am Barrister Wahid Ibrahim a barrister of law from Lome
Togo, I am married with children.
He died with car accident with his entire family here in my country
Republic of Togo in West Africa when their car collided with a trailer
while they are coming back from a holiday in a resort off the town, I
am His personnel Attorney Until his death was a member of the
Helicopter Society and the Institute of Electronic & Electrical
Engineers. And into oil and Gas partnership with Togo Island

I want to inform you that I concluded to work with you in this
transaction hoping that we will get long in truth and spirit with no
intention to cheat at any point in time, I contacted you in this
matter based on the claim of fund/Estate of my late client since I had
sought for the relatives without success and instead of this fund
being confiscated by the Finance Firm or by some unscrupulous person,
I seek your consent to present you as the Next of kin based on the
fact that I am the legal Attorney to my late client until his death
and Whosoever I present to the bank as the Next of Kin will certainly
Inherits the fund.

Note; that all I want from you is to stand as a NEXT OF KIN and
beneficiary to the unclaimed estate of my deceased client. My deceased
client is a national of your country but until his untimely death he
resided in Lome-Togo. I am a legal practitioner with 33 years of
experience and i wish to notify you that the next of kinship as stated
by the inheritance law, is not limited to relations of the deceased
nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship, rather it
is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he wish to will it
to (beneficiary) either formally by write up ,or informally by secret
information disclosure to beneficiary, be him/ her business partner,
relation, kinsmen, friends or well wisher, therefore by virtue of the
above stated, I seek consent to present you as the next of kin to my
late client since the supposed next of kin also died along with him.

I am therefore prompted to contact you based on my above explanation.
That means you will stand as the only relation/next of kin to my
deceased client and put claim over the fund once you accept to work
with me and assist me. All I needed is your honest cooperation in
standing as the only living relation. All is required of you is to
follow strictly my advice and Instructions to enable the bank transfer
this money into your account OK? Please can you give me your word of
Honor by the following points stated below,

They are thus: - will not cheat me during the course of this transaction Promise.,? own share of the money will be in your safe keep, until I come
over to your country for sharing and further investment.

3...that you will keep this transaction very confidential even from
best friend for safety of both parties?

4...that you shall always contact me whenever you get information
from the financial institution so that we will put heads together as
one family and get this transaction consummated successfully?

I want use this opportunity to state the terms of our partnership and
also the % ratio both of us involve

I want use this opportunity to inform you that if you assist me and
this fund transfer to your account successfully it will share into two
Parts 50% Each of us

For your information I don't need any disappointment from you along
the line, if you know that you are not capable to champion this
transaction, kindly let me know immediately, I am saying this because
need this money to solve the problems that is giving me sleepless
nights. I regret to inform you of my wife's ill health, my wife is
seriously ill and she has been placed on life-support machine for the
past six months due to heart failure. You can now see the reason why I
need this transaction to be concluded as soon as possible so that I
can have enough money to fly my wife to ISRAEL or INDIA for better.

This transaction will only take about 6 days or less for the money to
be transferred into your account. But as soon as your application is
approved then it will take about 3 days and the money will be in your
account. As soon as I get your positive response towards the Terms of
our partnership/ percentage (%) ratio involve, informing me on your
reply to this particular E mail, so that i will forward to you BANK
APPLICATION FORM ,which you will fill and send to the Financial
Institution for immediate action from the financial board.

Barrister Wahid Ibrahim ESQ
Senior Advocate, and chambers
PRIVATE TEL: +(228) 90260642