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Subject: JOINT PARTNERSHIP investment
From: S.K. ADAMS <>
To: OwlMan <> / Thank you for sending me mail <>
Date: Saturday, 29 June 2019 12:34
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17, Seventh Avenue Manor Park
United Kingdom
Zip Code: E12 5JL

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a profitable Real Estate or Medical Investment
business in your country and I would be glad if you assist me. We can
both go into

JOINT PARTNERSHIP investment and once we are agreed with the Terms and
Condition, we can go ahead.I would like to invest part of my family
finances (Inherited), in your Country under your care and full
management alongside with me, since I have never been opportune to
visit your Country before. I believe investing through you as a
citizen will make it a lot easier for me. If you are interested,
please get back to me and I will introduce you to our fund managers
and bankers.We will provide the finances required for the investment
and our first choice of investment is Real Estate business which I
believe never depreciates in value. Agriculture or any fast movable
product that is profitable business will also be regarded as a good
offer. The amount what we have can provide us with any sizeable
business depending on how it is managed after you receive it.I cannot
send you more details until I hear from you.I would like to know what
other types of investment is more lucrative knowing fully well your
economic trend and that which will yield high returns.

Best Regards,