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Subject: Hello my Ladies Friend
From: OwlMan <[Removed]>
To: [Removed] <[Removed]>
Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2019 03:59
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I Mr Muhammed Sexytime, Jr I am a famos New York City, USA lawman, I origaly from England (that why my English not the best), but I MOVE to USA in 2005, yes. I am writng today to you as I know that youre a sexy ladie woman who knows that she is the smart, and becuz of that, she knows that she sees alot of scams online and sent to her. This is no friend, my scam, this is REAL, I will NOT LIE TO YOU, my friend.

One of my cliants, Mr Umar Bello, was tradically killed in a plane crash that I was flying that left all 16 of the passagers dead (but not me) (dont ask About it, it was so tragic that no news reporters would reports on it), Mr. Umar Bello was a millions air, who had lots of the moneys (if you get what I mean, wink wink sexy lady woman ;} oh yes), and as it happens, I was left all of his moneys, but I already have the lots of the already money (oh sad timnes, I mean "times", my keyboard have no backspace, uh-oh), anyhow, now I have the moneys and I do not know what to do with it, so I goto yahoo and Google and AOL and you are email privder and tell them abut this sad stroy, they tell me "Mr Muhammed Sexytime, Jr from New York City, USA, your story sad, and will help you by picking ONE yes ONE lucky winer in who thety they will win the money". Oh the good joy! By joves and scots, I was the big big happy, i had a jolly good tim.

I no lie, I NO LIE!

To get this REAL moneys (it is worth Two Million Five Hundred Thousand($2.5 Million usd!!) I NO LIE, okay? okat.

To get this money, and OI I am certan wha that you will wants ti, just send me...##

1. Your full: Name:
2. Country :
3. Sex & Age :
4. Occupation :
5 passport or id card No:
6. Mobile Telephone:
6. Mobile Telephone:
7. Delivery Address:
7. A Good time ;) haha, I do the jokes like you americans on your funny t.v. telly sets on Friends or American Simpsons, haha, I loves the American shows where they fart and do the hot sexy time, hhhNNNNNNNHHhhHHhHhHHGGgGgGGggggggGg, Oh my! Oh my!

Hugs and kissies,
Mr Muhammed Sexytime, Jr

P.S., I can be contacted by emailing tHIS email adress and NOT ANYONE ELSE, ANYONE ELse trhat that says they me are blaggers and BASTARDS who should all get that cocks and balls tortshers from Wikipedia, if you GET what I MEAN mean .

some american lawmen pigs coppers bobbies  may say that I am not REALLTY Mr Muhammed Sexytime, Jr, but rather Mr. Taptoka Lornalaboso, a Nigirian scammer, but this is a LIE, my friends, I am not Taptoka Lornalaboso, I no know this man who is probaly very sexy and have the sexy time with all of the woman (and sometimes the men), I no never met this man before , they sipl ty simply lie to your're FACE, oh yes, oh yes.