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Subject: Hello Attn. Beneficiary.
From: <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients, and Thank you for sending me mail <>
Date: Tuesday, 2 July 2019 02:27
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I am confused again.Who is Kenneth  F. Jeffrey, your brother. Address: 13742 Judy Anne Lane, Santa Ana, CA  92705. He just emailed me your power of attorney stating that your total entitlement  shall be wired to his account as your next of kin.

He made it clear to me that you are dead and have left all your Title on his care as your next of kin. He told me that this funds will help him take care of your children.

Why...Why did you do this without my knowledge. I wish you were alive..He gave me his bank account in California and New  York  to split this funds for him. He is ready to pay the some of $990 dollars involved in other for us to transfer the total amount to his provided bank account. But we told him to come back in next one week so that we can get the right information that you are dead and authorize him to clam the fund on your behalf.

I was surprised why you could not pay your transfer charge for the telex of your $10.7m wire to your account.

It is not possible for me to release your Title to Kenneth without hearing from you.. I am crying...after you have suffered for years to
get this funds,,,loose it at the last minute...God forbid.

Please, call +229-906-337-84 me or email:  ( back if you are Alive...Urgent before it is late.
Rev. Dr. John Patrick