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Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019 14:23
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‚ÄčI am Hussein Harmush from Syria, presently now with the United Nations on asylum in Bahrain in Hamad Town . I got your contact from Syrian American who was injured in the war but died last week in Bahrain.

I want to seek your assistance in the following ways:

1.To assist me look for a profitable business in your country (where I can invest to sustain my living until the political crisis in my country is over).

2.To assist me purchase a living home, .I have $21,000,000.00USD in financial institution. Should there be a need for an evidence, or a proof of my seriousness and genuineness. I have a Certificate of Deposit as a proof of fund.

Please assist me to come over to your country for resettlement and investment. I will compensate you greatly for this help. I am also ready to associate with a local partner, provided your Government will give me a Residence Permit.

Could you please send me an email to enable me know you have received my email reply me now to help out.

Col.Hussein Harmush

From: Thank you for sending me mail <>
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Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019 16:52
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Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2019 21:01
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Dear Brother,
Many thanks for your urgent response to my proposal. I seek to build trust and extend good business relationship. My aim of contact to you is first to relocate my funds to safety and secondly to invest and manage it. Like you already know, I am presently under a United Nations asylum facility in Bahrain,  due to the ongoing war in my country. In view of this, I am totally incapacitated and not in the position to move around freely or have access to the funds. I need you to assist me get the funds to your country, invest it and look after it until I am able to visit. I shall visit your country once the war is over and will find time to give you more details about me and family on my next email.

I shall issue you a power of attorney to enable you approach the Financial House and claim the funds. I will also send you proof of funds. I hereby offer you 30% from the total amount of US$21M for your involvement and assistance in relocating the funds.


To enable us start, I would want you to provide me with the following information immediately:

(1) Your full names........
(2) Your direct telephone and Mobile numbers.........
(3) Your full contact address in your country.................
(4) Your age and occupation ....................
(5) Your marital status .......... etc.
(6)Your ID card............

I will be looking forward to your earliest response.

Col.Hussein Harmush

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