Please note that this E-Mail has most likely been sent from a scammer or someone who cannot be trusted, and as such, it would not be wise to click on any external websites that leave as they could contain unwanted content.

Subject: FMF
From: Cynthia Eden <>
To: OwlMan <>, and Undisclosed Recipients
Date: Thursday, 1 February 2018 10:51
Size: 3.1 KB

Attn: Beneficiary

They branch manager of United nation Compensation Payment Board, Lome Togo, and i write you with great pleasure.
The united nation in Republic of Togo in conjunction with the ICC (International Criminal Court) United Nations, United States of American, World Bank towards the eradication of Crime associated with internet fraudsters and scam Artists Worldwide, be inform We have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various parts of west African countries using the name of some RUSSIA name's to steal money from innocent people.

The United Nation Anti-crime commission and the United State Government have ordered the money recovered from the Scam Artist to be shared among 100 Lucky people around the globe.This email is been directed to you because your email data was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard disk in our custody here.
Since your name appeared among the lucky beneficiaries who will receive this compensation of $800,000.Dollars,(Eight hundred thousand dollars) we have arranged your payment through our TOGO Compensation Payment Center (TCPC).
I write to inform you that we will be sending you $5,000.00 Dollars daily from our office here as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full compensatory payment of $800,000.00 Dollars by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE.  Your Personal Identification Number given by the I.M.F Team is CPP0920TG.
Here is the payment information that we shall be using to forward your daily remittance.

Sender's Name: Cynthia Eden
Question: Payment
Answer: Yes
Amount: $5,000.00 Dollars
City: Lome
Country: Togo

AGENT Email:
Name: Cynthia Eden
send your details to our agent as she will proceed to send your MTCN immediately.

Good luck,
Dr. Bello A Sousou,
Chairman, General Controller,
UN Compensation Board,