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Subject: Do you have a secure Mobile App for your business?
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Date: Friday, 4 August 2017 16:23
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A recent survey shows that 78% of mobile apps are susceptible to hacking or viruses and 82% concepts or business fails due to bad programming.

What we see from the survey that mobile apps with poor coding practices do not provide security or privacy to your sensitive data. Apart of that there are some critical areas that are responsible for the failure of maximum apps in app store.

  • Battery drainage – Mainly happens due to using unnecessary services. 
  • Insufficient storage space- Mainly happens due to bad code practices.
  • Poor User interface – Mainly happens due to unorganized graphical layouts.
  • More loading time - Mainly happens due to improper coding standards.
  • No timely updates - Mainly happens due to improper app maintenance.

This can go on-and-on and can ruin not only your app but also your idea or your reputation in the market but we can help you overcome these glitches.

Our USP:

  1. We strive to built secure, robust, responsive mobile apps.
  2. We go through an iterative wireframe design phase to craft a stunning User Interface.
  3. Quality Assurance testing carried out by our expert developers before the launch of your app.
  4. Once the product is complete, we provide you with the source code, giving you exclusive control & ownership over your new app.
  5. We offer a free consultation to help develop your idea into a successful app and deliver a comprehensive mobile app strategy that includes project timelines, development costs, and monetization options.
  6. Having 7 years + expertise in creating innovative and out of the box applications.

To get the more details of our services, you can contact us for further discussion.

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