[02:30] Underhanded sent OwlMan a friend request
[02:30] OwlMan excepted the friend request
[02:30] OwlMan: Hello there!
[02:30] Underhanded: Hey there what's up!!?
[02:30] OwlMan: Nothing!! :0
[02:30] Underhanded: 20/f here, you?
[02:30] OwlMan: h
[02:31] Underhanded: Ahhh I was in the shower and just threw sumthin on and wasn't doin much so I figured I'd see what u were up 2. I hope I didn't bother u or anything.
[02:31] OwlMan: I killed a man, you know that, I fucking killed him.
[02:32] OwlMan: UwU hope i didint bother u
[02:32] Underhanded: I was goin out with this dude for like 3 months and we broke up and I almost forgot how much I enjoy being single. Lol.
[02:32] OwlMan: omg, guys am i right
[02:32] Underhanded: My ex was way 2 controlling. I like to have a good time and he would always think I'm cheatin. It just got really old ya know
[02:32] OwlMan: tell me about it, sister!
[02:32] Underhanded: ok enough about that jerk. The question is are YOU trying to have some fun =)
[02:32] OwlMan: does the fortnite floss
[02:33] Underhanded: Well I was actually gonna hop on my web cam in a couple mins. and was going to invite u if ya wanted 2 cum join
[02:33] Underhanded: You dont really have 2 have one. I joined this pretty cool website thats basically the Grown ups Only thing... u want to see?!?
[02:33] OwlMan: I'm gay
[02:34] OwlMan: Nope, I'm gay
[02:34] Underhanded: Sweet! Let me get setup here so u will be able to see me. U need to make ure own username so u can enter but its super simple and only takes about a sec. nothing hard
[02:34] OwlMan: Doin your mom, doin your mom
[02:34] Underhanded: Alright just go to https://bit.ly/35fa1z7 and it will bring up an invite to my page then just hit anywhere then you just make ure own acct and u can cumm into the I made for us 2 and see me ;P
[02:37] OwlMan: doin your mom
[02:38] Underhanded: And yuh you are going to need a card of sum sort buttt it's verify ure age
[02:38] OwlMan: lol, okay
[02:39] Underhanded: I'm really excited 4 this cuz it is gonna be a lot of fun, I really enjoy meeting cool people on here. Oh yeah just a heads up... ya might want to turn down ure speakers cuz I can get a lil loud. Hehe
[02:40] OwlMan: OHHHhhHhHHhH bBAY
[02:40] Underhanded: I'm about to go grab a couple of my favorite toys so I'll brb. Hurry up though I better see ure name in here when I get back mr. Lol.
[02:41] OwlMan: Honestly, if it's not a Bad Dragon, just doing bother coming back
[02:41] OwlMan: Also doin ur mom
[02:42] OwlMan: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/662482763726848002/662485845416214549/everyone_in_chat.png