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Subject: Dear Customer:
From: Mr.Kennedy Uzoka <>
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To: TEH LEROY <[removed]>
Date: Saturday, February 16th 2019 8:28
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Dear Customer:

I wish to inform you that we have received the credit instruction from the Western Union and Money Gram Transfer office Benin republic and Republic nigeria to credit your funds into an online bank which will allowed you to transfer from this bank to any given account of your choice due to their impossibility of transferring larges sum. This online transfer will allowed you to purchase online goods and make transfer to any bank you wish with the Uba Bank Guard line that will be sent to you.

I want to inform you once again that your online bank account from Uba Bank is ready and awaiting to receive the following information from you today to open and credit your $3.6Million fund into your account.

Kindly fill the following information and get back to me.

Uba Online Bank Account Opening Form

Account Holder:
Holder's Address:
Holder's Date Of Birth
Next Of Kin
Source of Funds:


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