Report-ID: 21/04/2017

Read the E-Mail here, part II.

Well first off, my driving isn't that bad, I've only one crash, and that was in August '97, and that was only because of people talking photos!

but anyway, looks like Mr. OwlMan got found out, yes, you got me, not only am I a bad driver, but I somehow teleported from my home contrary of Great Britain to the States, goodness, I feel so silly now!

I wonder what car I speeded in; could it be my Rolls-Royce, my Jagg, or even my Bentley, who knows?

Anyway, because I'm a rebel I didn't pay the people from the Parking Services a penny, and seeing that the E-Mail was sent in 2017, and I havn't heard from them since, I think it's safe to say that it was a scam.