From: ProtonMail

Read the E-Mail here, part II, Part III.

Well lads, I have some bad news... This is the end of my spam archive as my address is going to go off-line on the 29th of February 2019, ah crap :-(

Well, of cause, if you know anything about these types of E-Mails you should know that they are quite fake. One of the best ways to quickly tell if it is fake is to simply look at who sent it, a telling sign that this is spam is because the person trying to phish me is using the E-Mail address and, however, they say that they are from ProtonMail, and according to ProtonMail themselves E-Mails sent by staff will always end with, so this is 100% a scam.

Futher more, even if I didn't know that this was a scam, and I clicked the URL in the E-Mail I would have been taken to a redirect page, a page that was terminated by TinyURL, so good job there, lads.