Read the E-Mail here.

This E-Mail is really weird, for one it's worded poorly, secondly it would seem that the "TOGO Compensation Payment Center" slash The UN slash United States of American slash World Bank are informing me that "scam artist in various parts of west African countries using the name of some RUSSIA name's to steal money from innocent people" - ???

Okaaay? So the E-Mail goes on by telling us that my E-Mail data was found on one of the "scam Artists file and computer hard disk". So is the E-Mail trying to tell me I've been scammed, or...??? But the UN and US Gov' have ordered the money recovered to be given to 100 lucky people, and not the people scammed???

So because I'm one of the lucky 100, I'll be given $5,000.00 Dollars daily??? Cool???

Uh, thanks, I think...