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Subject: 🇺🇸 "WHY DO THEY COMPLY??"
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Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2020 08:08
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How do you feel when you see this happening...


How do you feel when you drive by those empty businesses, seeing the storefronts shuttered, and seeing the results of economic despair?

What emotions are stirred up when you think of those who put in the blood, sweat and tears to build up their family business -- just to have it targeted by "strike teams" of code enforcers who are more like crime bosses extorting protection money?

How does it affect you when you can't go get your haircut, go to the dentist, go the vet, go to the gym, or go get a bite to eat, when you are banned from entering these businesses because they (mistakenly) think they have to "make" you get your temperature taken, or wear a mask or stand 6 feet apart?

It makes me INFURIATED!!

I'm not surprised at the tyrannical over-reach of the government -- but I am concerned and disappointed at how many business owners just go along with these egregious and unlawful policies, just because they are afraid of "losing their license".

First of all, there is no REGULATION "on the books" regarding masks or distancing. (And even if that happened, it is 100% unlawful.)

Over the last weeks, I've made several videos exposing the deception going on regarding these business "guidelines" -- but from the looks of things, many businesses are still NOT getting it!

Here's my latest (warning, it does become a mild rant!)


I want to help these businesses understand the guidelines, orders and ordinances -- and how to stay "Open for Good"

That's why I'm running an in-person educational forum and expert panel especially for small businesses in Orange County.


WHAT: "Open for Business" in-person event

DATE: Thursday, August 27, 2020

TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 pm (come at 6:00 for informal networking)

LOCATION: Lake Forest, CA (exact location will be provided day of the event)

DESCRIPTION: If you're confused or concerned about the ever-changing government edicts and guidelines, get your questions answered! Learn how to "Stay Open for Good". Find out if you can get fined, what to do if you get a violation, what is the law enforcement response, and much more. Hear from other small business owners and get support and encouragement to operate legally -- without turning you or your business inside out and upside down.

COST: $125 donation, which goes into a legal fund to support fines and citations, if needed. (Let us know if you are unable to cover the cost as we do have limited scholarships available.) 

Limited seats available.

Presented by THE HEALTHY AMERICAN and other community leaders.


This "maiden voyage" is an in-person event, and we plan to offer the educational seminars on-line as well for those in any area.


It is beyond frustrating (and unconstitutional) to be denied entry to a business establishment that is considered "public accommodations".

I explain that it is ILLEGAL for any business to create a store policy that violates established law.

There is not such thing as "no mask, no service" -- PERIOD.

Here's a short video where I explain what it means for a business to be a public accommodation and how they are REQUIRED to abide by Civil rights law:


These businesses are violating established law -- and you will be able to give them a "Notice of Violation".

This will be available to download Wednesday August 19th, with steps on how to use it.

 I'll send out the link in the next email so you can download this form and give it to the person who is violating your civil rights by preventing you from entering a business establishment or medical office.

You'll see a short video of my explanation of how to use it and what to do if the violator does not want to sign it.


Congrats to all those who wrote amazing letters to their highway transportation agencies to get rid of those horrendous road signs flashing  "Cover your face and mouth!" "Stay home and save lives!" "Wash your hands!" 

Here are a few of excellent letters from HEALTHY AMERICANS like you who took the time to contact their transportation agency:

SAMPLE LETTERS to the Transportation Agency.

Your letters and action are CRUCIAL to our success -- so please keep them coming!

And please keep writing to those highway agencies until we no longer see those "wash your hands" signs on the freeway!


Every day, we get letters from HEALTHY AMERICANS like you who are experiencing very troubling times.

Your distressing situations with work issues, travel, medical and school situations are heartbreaking to hear.

Many of you are asking for legal referrals and advice on filing lawsuits.

I will be addressing these concerns in upcoming videos, along with some interesting and little-known approaches that do not require a lawyer.


We are almost ready to launch! Our HEALTHY AMERICAN local groups will be launching later this week (prayers for a smooth roll-out) where you'll be able to connect with other patriots in your state or region.

That way you can share action steps, events, laws and updates -- 

But most of all, you'll be able to connect with others in your area so you'll know you are NOT ALONE!

We will be using a ready-made platform for meeting up and will let you know as soon as we're ready to receive you.

There will be a nominal fee for access so we can pay for the technology and also to keep out the naysayers who might want to sabotage our patriot work.

Thank you to ALL who have offered to be an organizer for their region!! More opportunities will be available as we roll this out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Thank you to ALL HEALTHY AMERICANS who are flying the flag of freedom!!

There is so much going on, and I will NEVER STOP researching, educating, connecting and taking action -- and I know you feel the same.

There are lots of action steps in this email update and I hope you'll find one or more that you will do right away.

Please SHARE this info with others, because we need "All Hands on Deck!"   

with an ocean of gratitude,


P.S. Thank you to everyone who sent in their T-shirt ideas!! We will be making those available as an easy and effective way to spread our principles of Truth & Freedom!

And, my heart is full of hope and appreciation for those who support us with their donations as we carry on this fight to hang on to our freedom. We cannot do this work without you. 


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