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Date: Wednesday, 16 September 2020 08:45
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Hi Cass!

Yes, it is "still" Tuesday here in CA (late at night I know...)

... but I did not want you to miss out on my video from today:

Video: Take Action Tuesday

And the ACTION for this week is to print out these notices and educate 1-10 businesses every day!

Print out NOTICE TO BUSINESSES  (It is the first link)

This is step one in educating these businesses!

TIP: Watch my video above as I explain how to educate businesses in your area, calmly and cordially! This is not the time for confrontation. 

(Thank you to one of  THE HEALTHY AMERICANs, Cesar, for this great idea! He spent his Birthday weekend going around to businesses to help educate them -- how is that for action!)

Top take-aways from today's video

- Your action in more important than the results.

- Don't let the evildoers wear you down.

- Focus on the positive, not the naysayers. Be a "YAYsayer!"

- Don't worry about every step -- just get started and each step will reveal the next.

- OSHA and CDC have to prove their claims -- it is not up to you to dispute them.

-OSHA and CDC watch Peggy's videos because they have made changed based on her exposing them.

- Good news coming on the CA lawsuit!

- THE HEALTHY AMERICAN Crew is creating the first-of-its kind patriot network that is county-by-county for the entire United States

- We are building this ship as we are sailing it! More improvements will be coming!

- Peggy is building a legal team for a blockbuster case here in CA to end this nonsense once and for all

- THE HEALTHY AMERICAN was created back in May 2020 when Peggy discovered that there were no grounds for a State of Emergency in CA, and she exposed all the facts in a viral video that had over 2million views before it was taken down (and has since been uploaded here):

This will be the basis for some of the arguments in the lawsuits.


WEDS, Sept 16 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

PASTOR DAVID (my hubby) speaking on "You are God's Masterpiece"

WHERE:  412 Church in Murrietta

Details here

SAT, Sept 19 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

PEGGY speaking at a patriot's rally in Ladera Ranch, CA

Details here

Thank you to all those who came out for our PATRIOT EMPOWERMENT NIGHT!

We will be doing another one on Thurs Sept 24 (a week from now)

Seats sold out really fast, so be sure to get your tickets now (donation based to help our cause!!)

Details here

Hope to see YOU soon!





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gratefully accepted here

Regular Mail is here:

Peggy Hall
205 Avenida del Mar #681
San Clemente, CA



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