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Video and sample letters inside!!

Hi Cass

Hi {!firstname_fix}!

So grateful for your asking about me and the newsletter! I am doing fine... just swamped with the many events, speeches, rallies, videos and outreach I've been doing.

Thank YOU for your caring and support, which uplift me greatly.

Click HERE to go to the page where you can download the legal documents from our HEALTHY AMERICAN legal advocate John Jay Singleton.

Scroll down until you see our latest videos, and that is where you can find the letters to use with NURSING HOMES and SCHOOLS.

It is absolutely atrocious what is going on in the nursing homes and schools!

And we are not going to stand for it!

Be sure to watch the videos with detailed help and adapt the letters and materials available for you at the link above.

Thank you to those who are able to financially support this work, which helps so many others.


If you witness ELDER ABUSE or CHILD ABUSE by someone forcing an elderly person or child to wear a mask -- "CALL THE SHERIFF!"

(I did not say, Call the Police!) The police are hired by the government to protect the government -- whereas the SHERIFF is elected by the people to protect WE THE PEOPLE!

Stay tuned for an upcoming educational video on how to befriend your Sheriff and to find out exactly where they stand on protecting you and upholding the U.S. Constitution, as they have sworn to do.

Call the SHERIFF if you see someone being abused, threatened, tasered (yes I saw that video) or other physical abuse.

Forcing a mask on an elderly person or a child is ABUSE!!

According to CA law (and I'm certain there are similar laws in your state):

Requiring your child to wear a mask or shield is CHILD ABUSE and is a violation of CA Education Code and MUST be REPORTED to authorities, in accordance with the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (Article 2.5 commencing with Section 11164 of Chapter 2 of Title 1 of of Part 4 of the Penal Code)

As defined by CA law [see above] child abuse is the "willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of a child" means a situation where any person willfully causes or permits any child to suffer, or inflicts thereon, unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any child, willfully causes or permits the person or health of the child to be placed in a situation such that his or her person or health is endangered.

Further, Ca Education Code 33133.5, regarding the powers and duties of public instruction, states that children should be notified to call 911 to report abuse


I get thousands of emails weekly from people who are struggling and suffering under this tyranny that is quickly accelerating.

The despair is so great -- and that is what compels me to work night and day researching, writing and creating educational videos and materials to help as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, I simply do not have the ability to reply to every request or just "give you a quick call".

What I can do is to provide my many resources available on the website for your own use, and for those who have urgent and individual cases that require my personal help, you can click here to book a personal consultation.


Monday, Sept 28
3:00 pm Pacific

Livestream on FaceBook with Peggy Hall -- announcing our HEALTHY AMERICAN LEGAL NETWORK!

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Tuesday, Sept 29 -- 5:30 - 9:30 pm
Vista, CA


IN-PERSON  with Peggy Hall & Dr. Judy Mikovits and other patriot leaders!

Click here for tickets

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Wednesday, Sept 30
3:00 pm Pacific

Livestream on FaceBook with Peggy Hall -- "BETTER THAN HOMESCHOOLING" 

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Thursday, Oct 1
3:00 pm Pacific

Livestream on FaceBook with Peggy Hall -- ELECTION GUIDE!!

*** The livestreams will be uploaded on Youtube as well*****

Hope to see YOU soon!





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Peggy Hall
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