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Date: Sunday, 30 August 2020 08:22
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Dear Cass,

Before I share all the important upcoming events with you, I wanted to let you know that I'm writing this to you late Saturday night, after a full day of interviews, research, emails, outreach and video production... 

but I couldn't let the day slip by without me telling YOU how much I appreciate your being on board here at THE HEALTHY AMERICAN. 

YOU and your families are the reason I do this work.

You see, while I expect the government to be oppressive  -- I am ASTOUNDED at how many people so willingly and eagerly give up their freedom!

I know that YOU will never give in, give up or give over your lives to the evildoers... and neither will I.


The reason I know you will not give in is because I read thousands of stories like yours of heartache, sorrow and troubles day in and day out.

Yet, YOU are standing strong, making sacrifices, losing friends, family members, jobs -- even your health!!

Your stories touch me deeply and fuel my fire to keep working day and night to uncover new strategies and tactics in this revolution so we can PUSH BACK against these tyrants!

I will NEVER stop connecting, educating, and taking action -- and I know you are the same!


Getting together in person is the best way to get energized, encouraged and empowered!!

(1) Celebrate my birthday with me! Next Sunday, September 6 from 11am - 1pm at the "FREE TO WORSHIP" Beach Church in San Clemente! Bring a chair, shade, water and a picnic!

My hubby Pastor David will give spiritual encouragement, I'll share a high-energy speech -- and we'll sing and pray, and afterwards enjoy an informal picnic and birthday celebration!!

(2) PATRIOT EMPOWERMENT NIGHTS!! This is an in-person event, choose Thursday Sept 10 or 24 (or both!) Donation-based admission helps to keep this ship afloat!

(3) Every SUNDAY at 6:00 pm (Pacific) I will be coming to you live on FB for a reading of my PRAYER FOR ACTIVISTS. We will light a candle and read the prayer together Click here to join me!

(4)  OPEN FOR BUSINESS online seminar will be offered in September, stay tuned for dates!

Wow-wee, our OPEN FOR BUSINESS was a jam-packed evening that kept us passionate and empowered until almost midnight! Stay tuned for updates, photos and more coming soon!

Here's the quickest, sneakiest-peek right before the event got underway.


You are all taking action, and we are making positive waves of change!

Take a look here for some encouraging evidence that we are turning back the tide of tyranny!

Keep on keeping on, my friends -- I appreciate YOU being on board as one of THE HEALTHY AMERICANS!


P.S. I am humbled and grateful for those who are sending me cards and letters in the mail, and for those who are able to support this important work.
It BRIGHTENS my day so much to hear from you!

For those who'd like to connect, you can do so here:
Peggy Hall
205 Avenida del Mar #681
San Clemente, CA


205 Avenida del Mar
# 681
San Clemente CA 92674

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