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Date: Thursday, 27 August 2020 18:25
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Hello my patriot pal!!

You do NOT have to comply with wearing a mask, having your temperature taken, being tested or getting a vaccine.

There are several laws that protect your rights, including:

(1) You are sovereign over your own body and can choose what medical interventions you want to participate in

(2) You must have informed consent to participate in any medical EXPERIMENT or TRIAL (as mask wearing, or being tested -- because they have not been approved by the FDA and therefore experiments.)

(3) Under the PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS you can deny one offered intervention while still being able to receive other treatments.

(4) Your right to privacy is guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the Constitution

(5) No government order or school or work policy can require you to cause harm to yourself as masks, testing and vaccines do.


There is no health emergency or pandemic by any stretch of the imagination. If there was one, it ended months ago.

An emergency by definition is "sudden, unexpected, immediate..." or "grave peril to life or property..."

How in the world can an emergency last for months on end?

It cannot.

We are in the recovery and mitigation phases, as evidenced by the governor's own declarations of "re-opening" and "roadmaps" and "phases" and so foth.

Therefore all orders, rules or ordinances made under the "authority" of an emergency declaration are null and void.

Furthermore, even if such an emergency existed, NO EMERGENCY CAN SUSPEND YOUR RIGHTS. PERIOD!!!

Many lawsuits are in the courts exactly on these claims, and at least three have been declared to support that statement.

The strange thing is, the governors continue to break the law -- in fact, they FLAUNT the law -- because so many people would rather comply than defy.



The reason these tyrants are getting away with this oppression is because far too many people are simply complying instead of defying.

I've researched and published over 100 videos educating you on your rights, the law, and the remedies.

Here are some of my latest videos that I recommend you study carefully, so you can learn and apply it to your own situation -- and to be inspired to do your own reaserch in your state.

No authority for Mandatory Vaccines

How NOT to Wear a Mask at School




I wish I had a "golden key" that would open every door for you...

Or a one-size-fits-all solution that would dissolve your distressing situations once and for all...

But we are in this for the long-haul.

In fact, it is more like an overhaul!

A long overdue overhaul!

And we need to take this on from all different angles -- always incorporating connection, education and action.


This evening I'm holding my "OPEN FOR BUSINESS" event to help business owners cut through the (intentionally-created) confusing health orders and regulations so they can stay open for good! 

My goal dovetails perfectly with my principles at THE HEALTHY AMERICAN of connection, education and action.

Small business owners get to meet and connect locally with others for moral support; to be educated and educate others; and to take action against these unlawful measures so they can stand strong and stay in business!

For those who cannot come in person, I'll be offering these business seminars online as well starting in September.


We are just about to open the doors for you to connect with others in your region.

If you've been waving your hand saying, "Help! I feel like I'm alone over here!" we have the solution!

(By now you know that I am solution-oriented and don't like to get stuck in complaining...)

We are hard at work creating Meet Up groups in your area where you can start to build those new communities of like-minded patriots!

I will have a video for you coming up that will show you how you can get on board! 

(There will be a small fee $7/month for access because we are being charged to use this platform and there are administrative costs to running it/ Also, we want to make sure we keep out those who might be seeking to rock the boat!)


You have been sharing some amazing success stories of standing up for your rights!

I'll be sharing some of these exciting updates on a regular basis, so please keep those messages coming!

Just a reminder that we get thousands of messages weekly. We read every single message and THANK YOU when you write.

Please know not every email can get a personal response, especially when the answers to your inquiry are already on the website, which is being updated constantly.

For those sending research or links to videos or articles, can you help us?? You can be a HEALTHY AMERICAN researcher by summarizing the key points instead.

I thank you for your ongoing support and participation!

"All hands on deck" and we will get this ship turned around.



P.S. I am humbled and grateful for those who are sending me cards and letters in the mail, and for those who are able to send a financial gift to support this important work.
It BRIGHTENS my day so much to hear from you!

For those who'd like to connect, you can do so here:
Peggy Hall
205 Avenida del Mar #681
San Clemente, CA


205 Avenida del Mar
# 681
San Clemente CA 92674

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