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From: Peggy Hall/ THE HEALTHY AMERICA <>
To: Cass <>
Date: Sunday, 23 August 2020 03:24
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Hello Healthy Americans!

Here is a brand-new tool in your artillery for fighting for your rights!

Many of you have been asking for this:

Click HERE for the NOTICE OF DISCRIMINATION incident form.

This NOTICE OF DISCRIMINATION could also be referred to as a Notice of Violation.

The purpose of this document is:

(1) To educate businesses and employees that discrimination against you is prohibited by Federal law.

(2) To document any violations of your civil rights

(3) To notify the violator of your civil rights that criminal charges and an official complaint will be filed

(4) To leave behind a VISIBLE response to your distressing interaction with those who violate your rights.


You can use the NOTICE OF DISCRIMINATION wherever you have your rights violated, including but not limited to:

(1) Retail businesses

(2) Grocery stores

(3) Bars, restaurants

(4) Gas stations

(5) Transportation including buses, taxis, metro, airlines

(6) Public and private schools

(7) Medical offices, clinics, hospitals (*** watch my video on THE PATIENT'S BILL OF RIGHTS)

(8) City, state, county and federal offices and court houses

(9) DMV

(10) Post offices

(11) Parks, beaches


I have all the instructions for you on this page 

This document is not a "golden key" that will open every door for you. (Though I certainly wish that were the case.)

Instead, this is an INFORMATION and ACTION document!

You can INFORM those who are ignorant of the law as to what civil rights are being violated...

(hopefully this WILL cause some people to "cease and desist)

And you can take ACTION by filling out the form and leaving it with the perpetrator.

I sure wish I had had this document when I had my civil rights violated by Southwest Airlines.

I would have completed a form for each one of these violators -- and it would have made me feel like "justice was served" -- or at least the beginning of it!

Even if they had refused to sign it  -- and even if they had torn it up in front of me, it doesn't matter.

What matters is the ACTION you take to fight this tyranny!!

And remember, I stand with you.

I will never stop. And I know you feel the same.

Let's start using the NOTICE OF DISCRIMINATION -- and let me know how it goes for you!!



P.S. We are just about sold out of our RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION CARDS, so if you want to get yours with the plastic sleeve and neck lanyard, please order yours today.



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