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Subject: 🇺🇸"GOOD NEWS! Going Mask-Free Just Got Easier!!"🇺🇸
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We HEALTHY AMERICANS are making waves!!

Hi Cass

Before I tell you the great news (3 great news items, in fact), let me tell you I've been banned from Facebook for 3 days because of a post I made about masks -- back in JUNE!!

Yes, these censors are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

So those of you who are looking for my FB "lives" it will be a few days before the gatekeepers give me permission to return.

But, I am alive and well on YOUTUBE (for now at least, and I am on bit chute as a backup).

That is why it is so important to be connected via this email newsletter, so we can keep in touch, no matter what!


(1) We did it!! Placer County, CA announced yesterday the termination of the local health emergency!

This has been my rallying cry for months and I'm so happy to say it was the efforts of THE HEALTHY AMERICANS that brought this house of cards down!!

That means all the shenanigans of face masks and distancing are null, void, nada...

Now we need to carry this wave across the state -- and across this country!!

I recommend doing this: Arrange a personal appointment with your county representative and use these talking points with them (adapt if you are not in CA)

(2) Business back indoors! The Orange County Health Agency stated that gyms, hair salons and restaurants can serve indoors again. THANKS TO THE PRESSURE WE PUT ON THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AND HEALTH AGENCY TO END THESE SHENANIGANS!

(3) The CA tyrant-in-chief just said that businesses should not bother patrons who are not wearing a mask!!

I made a video all about it here: (this info starts around 11:00 mark)

Right here, in the (horribly kommunistic) "Playbook", it states:

"Workers should avoid approaching coworkers or members of the public for the purpose of attempting to enforce any face covering recommendation or requirement."

Okay you HEALTHY AMERICANS in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sonoma, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Santa Barbara -- you need to print this out ant highlight it and carry it with you and have the business read it OUT LOUD to you!

Click here to download CA Playbook (look at page 27)

"But Peggy, where is the playbook for my state?"

You can search to see if something exists where you are; you need to do the digging. I wish I could do this for all 50 states, but there is only one of me and I do this 18 hours a day, as a volunteer!!! (Donations gratefully received, if you are benefiting from all the research I am doing, the documents I am writing, and the videos I am making.

Don't forget my important steps for going mask-free:
1. Call FIRST and ask this exactly: "What are your accommodations for those who don't wear a mask?"
2. Print out the health orders where it states the exemptions
3. Go here for the documents to use if you want to serve a notice of discrimination

Click here to watch some my videos on how to shop mask-free.

We only have a few spots still open for this Thursday Sept 10, 6:00 pm - 8:30 PM in Lake Forest, CA.
You will get your questions answered about your issues and concerns, you'll meet other fired-up patriots, and you'll hear from my hubby Pastor David and our host, super-patriot Russ Taylor!

We want to hear your stories of struggle -- and success!! And to share your encouragement as well.


Click here to grab your seat now!

MEET UP GROUPS -- stay tuned for invitation 

WEBINAR for parents regarding schools -- do not send your kids where teachers and students are wearing masks!! I have better solutions!

WEBINAR for businesses -- how to stay open, without violations!

EVERYONE has been asking me for t-shirts and other HEALTHY AMERICAN branded apparel.

So... here you go: our brand new THE HEALTHY AMERICAN Patriot Apparel Line!

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Can't wait to see the most popular choices!

You can proudly proclaim your fight for truth and freedom  -- and it will be fun to see other HEALTHY AMERICANS out in public wearing the t-shirts as well!

Thank you everyone for the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! 
I thank EVERYONE who so kindly sent me birthday blessings, and who came to see me in person! Your cards, gifts and birthday wishes warmed my soul!

Certainly that is one of the hidden gifts, meeting you all and creating our HEALTHY AMERICAN community!

"All hands on deck" and we are turning this ship around!

more soon,





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