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Date: Wednesday, 12 August 2020 04:34
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Dear ones,

My video message for you today is one of encouragement: "Don't Let the Tyrants Steal your Soul"

You see, one of the weapons of the enemy is exhaustion.

Exhaustion can lead to despair, and despair can lead to giving in and giving up.

When you're on the verge of exhaustion and despair, it's vital to take time to refresh and revive.

Otherwise, the enemy is that much closer to winning.

The antidote to despair is hope, and hope can be found in having something to look forward to.*

One thing I'm looking forward to is providing connection, education and action steps for small business owners who want to stay "open for good".

There is so much concern and confusion over the guidelines, recommendations, rules and ever-changing edicts.

I explain much more about this in today's video: "Don't Let the Tyrants Steal your Soul"


Here in CA we get bombarded with condescending road signs admonishing us to "Cover your face and mouth!" "Stay home and save lives!" "Wash your hands!"

Am I the only one who can't stand these signs?!

I know this may seem trivial, especially in light of those being subjected to viral testing, vaccines and losing their jobs over required masks, but the constant brainwashing and mind manipulation drives me crazy!

Here's a great action step: contact the Department of Transportation in your area and write to them demanding those ridiculous messages be removed.

Roadsigns are intended to announce hazards, construction, detours, road closures and accidents...

Not some bogus health behaviors!

Those messages ARE hazards and could cause an accident!

You can find out who determines which messages are displayed -- and demand they are limited to road hazards only!!

This action also serves to EDUCATE those who contact.


Remember, your action is what is important.

We can't control the results of those actions when they are based on others decisions.

But don't let that distract you from doing your part.

YOU are making waves, and we are hearing success stories!

Please send us yours, too!


We are putting together some fun designs for t-shirts!!

Send us your ideas for phrases or slogans and we might add them to the lineup!

Also will be hats and bumper stickers, as many have requested.

How awesome it will be to instantly spot another HEALTHY AMERICAN when you are out and about!

Remember, there is UNITY in COMMUNITY and that is where we can gather strength.

I talk more about that in my short video for you here: 

 "Don't Let the Tyrants Steal your Soul"

Do take time for some refreshment, a few laughs and something to lighten your soul.

I plan to be in touch with you quite frequently, as many have told me they prefer to hear from me as much as possible.

YOUR tenacity and support encourages me greatly, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!



My hubby, Pastor David, reminds me that true hope comes from our Creator. If you are in need of spiritual encouragement, you can see David's videos on his youtube channel TRUE HOPE with David Hall


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