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Date: Tuesday, 11 August 2020 08:20
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This just in: California State Health Director resigns!!

Sonia Angell resigned suddenly Sunday night -- not the first health director to make decisions under the cloak of night.

Strangely, I heard of other state health directors suddenly resigning in Ohio, New York and Washington!

You can bet I'll be digging deeper to see what evil lurks beneath all this...

Stranger still is that the CA tyrant-in-chief is appointing two people to take Angell's place.

Hmmm... I will be looking into their backgrounds right away.

The word "henchmen" comes to mind when I read these news stories.

One interpretation could be that these individuals have a conscience and they could no longer continue to promote this absurd non-emergency...

Or, they could have realized they do not want to serve prison time for fraud...

Or, perhaps they fulfilled their purpose as "useful idiots" (not my phrase, but a term used by the communists who do away with those expendable people who serve their evil purposes and then are exterminated...)

I'll be digging deeper on these stories, that's certain!


I'm working on a couple of different angles to keep the pressure on these ridiculous unlawful orders for mask-wearing.

There have been several bare-faced shopping success stories that come in the email bag (wow, we get several hundred emails every single day!!! Thank you for being patient with us as we sort and scan and answer as best we can.)

A "NOTICE OF LIABILITY" is a way of giving a written document to the person who is violating your civil rights by preventing you as a normal, law-abiding HEALTHY AMERICAN from entering a business establishment just because you are not wearing a (germ-filled) (ineffective) mask.

I've been working on this non-stop make sure the info I'm researching is right on target.

My idea is to have a form where you write the date and location of the violation, including the person violating your rights. That person gets a copy of the citation/violation, and you keep one copy for yourself.

We HAVE to continue to put these violators on notice! I'll share more about next steps on Wednesday, with another video with more specific ideas for a couple of other approaches.


Many governments hold their board meetings on Tuesdays. Tomorrow, Aug 11 is our Orange County Board Meeting, with the health care agency update on the agenda.

My current approach is this:

"Where's the emergency?!"

There is no emergency, and there hasn't been one for a long time.

An emergency is: "sudden" "unexpected" "a direct threat" "great peril"

None of those definitions apply.

Since there is no emergency, there are no grounds for emergency health orders.

Thus, all these health orders are null and void.

Further, the board needs to vote to terminate the health emergency IMMEDIATELY, as required by law.

Failure to do so puts the board members at risk for FRAUD.

FRAUD is when you misrepresent information for gain (in this case, monetary gain from the emergency funds, AND an abuse of power through the emergency orders).

Fraud is a FELONY.

A felony carries a PRISON sentence.

No wonder so many of these health officers are resigning.

We call on these public officials to do what their OATH OF OFFICE REQUIRES them to do: vote to terminate the health orders immediately!!

[You can use these exact same talking points for your own city/county meetings as the situation is the same!]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

For those in OC, the meeting is:
Tuesday, Aug 11, 9:30 AM
333 West Santa Ana Blvd.
Santa Ana, CA

You simply fill out a slip of paper at the entrance of the building (which is around the back) and put agenda item #10 for comment.

You have 2 minutes to speak (sometimes limited to one minute) when you address the board. They will call you by name to line up and wait your turn.

I had a video about this but youtube removed it -- I suppose teaching people how to address their public officials is somehow hate speech?!

I'll tell you what is hate speech: death threats and harassments from "gangstalkers" online and in person.

Unfortunately, I have been the target of many threats (my husband as well) and I was advised to not attend this week's meeting in person.

I have submitted my comments (which I shared above, about the emergency) in writing to the board, which you can do as well here:
(note: check to see what email to use in your own area to make sure your comments are read into the record)


Please CLICK HERE for my exclusive educational video that I made specifically for all THE HEALTHY AMERICANS who are supporters and subscribers.

Password to view the video is: Freedom123

NOTE: Enter the password as above, with capital letter and no space between the word and letters)

In this 25-minute private video, you'll hear about my experience in the early days of this "pandemic" and how I responded and how that led to me creating THE HEALTHY AMERICAN.

I also show you how to access your state and federal civil laws that protect religious liberty and other civil rights. 

REMEMBER: No business can create a policy that violates established law. PERIOD.

No executive order can violate or suspend established law. PERIOD.

No state of emergency can violate established law. PERIOD.

No city ordinance can violate established law. PERIOD.

You know it, and I know it -- now we need to educate the businesses, the politicians, and the law enforcement!

The video I made especially for you here will help you get a head start on learning about that and educating others.

Password to unlock the video is: Freedom123

(NOTE: If you have already purchased a religious exemption information card, I thank you for your patience as you await delivery. The Post Office has been extremely slow in delivery times (another "covid casualty"??) and even thought we are sending first-class mail, we have heard the deliver times have been slower than normal.)


Your success stories really help keep me going! Thank you for sharing the letters you are writing and the places you are going with your beautiful Healthy American smile! Our world needs MORE of those natural faces and big smiles to remind others of what an actual face looks like.

Remember, I stand with you -- and ALWAYS will!

Tomorrow I'll share another video of encouragement, with a couple of new ideas for sharing the truth and standing strong against tyranny.

with an ocean of gratitude,


P.S. What a treat it's been for me to speak personally with some of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN supporters! Your donations help keep this ship afloat as we do the unending work of fighting against this alarming takeover of our country.

I realize that is a hard truth for many to face, but face it we must, and fight it we must! Just know I am with you, "United We Stand" and we'll see this all the way through!


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