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From: Sir Allen McKay Ph.D <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients, and Thank you for sending me mail <>
Date: Monday, 5 August 2019 17:13
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Dear Customer.
I want to bring to your notice that the configuration of your new ATM CARD was successful since last month without your claims but we just received an application from your partner claiming that you have authorized him to collect it on your behalf hence my secret message if you are aware of it.

See his name and address that he asked us to deliver your ATM CARD to him .
His Name: Emery Howard 
 110 East 55th Street, New York, NY - USA

Are you in USA now because as its stand now, we have two different address now and that  is very complicated and we need your authorization letter to back up his claim as your partner pls.
For your information your ATM CARD  was contracted and powered by GOLD CARD WORLD WIDE AND INTER-SWITCH, Amount credited into ATM MASTER CARD value ($5,700,000.00) Five Million seven hundred thousand Dollars in this quarter inline with the World Bank and IMF directive to enable the beneficiary to receive their fund alongside with original hard copies legal back up papers.
Take note of this new PIN CODE (8070) because we have forwarded the same code to him in our previous message but when you receive it, you have to change it to your own secret four digit for security reason.

Once we received the above clearance/Authorization  from you in favour of your partner (Emery Howard -USA)  we  shall send your ATM card package dispatched to you by our accredited express courier service who will deliver to your designated home address. With the ATM card, you can make withdrawals from any part of the world at ATM center near to you. The pin number and all necessary user guides will be attached on delivery (intact in the ATM card package doc.) which will be delivered to you by the courier service, for your easy use.

You can make withdrawal of $10,000 dollars to $25,000 dollars every day at different location and you can as well it to pay any kind of bills,

You will be receiving an alert on your Mobile Phone on every transaction about the actual amount withdrawn at any particular time and your balance left as well.
Finally, the must impenitent thing you have to keep the secret (PIN CODE) number to your self, do not let anybody see it, this is for security reason. If anybody sees it they will withdraw all your funds.

Your Faithfully,

Thanks for your Patronage.
From Sir Allen McKay Ph.D