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Date: Sunday, February 17th 2019 15:35
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Good Day,

I am sending you this mail in good faith. I'm Rev Alexander Charles, an British citizen currently undergoing medical treatment for cancer. I am a dying man who have decided to donate the sum of £4 Million Pounds to you for the good work of humanity, I have an account with a financial institution in Europe where i deposited my assets worth (£4,000,000) for a fixed period. I have just been informed by my doctor that I only have few months to live due to the cancer illness. Having known my condition that will not allow me claim the funds personally; I have decided to nominate you as my beneficiary since the financial institution have now written me that the length of time agreed upon to hold my funds is now expired. My desire and purpose is for you to promote humanitarian works. I.e. assisting the less privileged. Please contact me for detailed information on this noble project of mine.


Your brother in Christ,

Rev Alexander Charles.

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