Please note that this E-Mail has most likely been sent from a scammer or someone who cannot be trusted, and as such, it would not be wise to click on any external websites that leave as they could contain unwanted content.

Subject: Read me now
From: John Doe <>
To: Cass "Owly" Python <>
Date: Sunday, 10 January 2021 07:36
Size: 1.1 KB


So, I know that you visit P0RN0graphic videos!

Your smartphone got infected so this allowed me to record with your camera and the microphone in slient mode, without you knowing while pleasuring yourself! Here is the deal... if you don`t pay me 500$ value in Blt Coin I will send the video with you doing(you know what) to your contacts.

My hidden application that is installed also had another function, to steal all your contacts from phonebook, social media contacts, emails. Do I have passwords as well? Neah, any smart-phone have like a virus detection tool build-in so they scan what actually an app can do, so extracting passwords? Bad, that can be detected! Extracting contacts and using camera in background? Normal activity!

Ok! Well to get some coins you can Google for "Buy Blt Coin instantly" and send to this address:

Address: 1 5 C p F e A M Y d r 1 F a X Y z x S t 9 S Y n 5 f V k z 5 v 7 V V

Amount: 0.012

Be aware! The address(CaSe SeNsItIvE) has spaces and you must to eliminate all the spaces which result in a string of 34 characters long also it will start with "1" also it will end with "V". Use that string with no spaces to send the coins! I gave you a few days!

So, to remove my sneaky hidden app apply a reset with factory settings. Go on Google and search for "Reset Factory Settings [your model phone]". Maybe you think that I have your passwords as well, go ahead change them too! To stop getting vlruses... next time, keep your OS up to date!

Also maybe you will take in consideration to stop with this habbit of watching videos like this... it makes a mess in your brain.

After you sent the coins in case you still get my emails simply ignore them. The hacked servers are scheduled to send multiple messages.