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Subject: My name is Patrick Velez, I'm a US soldier currently in Afghanistan
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Date: Saturday, 7 November 2020 18:40
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Dear Friend,

My name is Patrick Velez, I'm a US soldier currently in Afghanistan for peacekeeping mission since August 2017. All the years I've prayed and asked God for assistance.I came across your email via the internet and I am hopeful that you can be of great help. The information I'm sharing with you must be kept confidential for the sake of my job. After a deadly mission that I survived twice gunshots from terrorists, I've given up hopes of life.

In that very mission with my battalion, I discovered a box filled with monetary instruments worth 12.5 million dollars.Through the assistance of an immigration officer, I contacted in JFK John Kennedy Airport, a special arrangement was made by him with a US military medical team leader, and the box was disguised and smuggled out to NEW YORK in JFK John Kennedy airport as a box containing gift items supposed for someone special to me.The box is currently in the airport's strong storage room. I am willing to give you 30% of the money if you can assist me to keep this money and look for a lucrative business to invest in with part of my share. If you can honestly assure me of your trust and sincerity, please kindly send me the above information asap


I will give you further instructions on how to get the box through the assistance of the immigration officer once you send the requested information. Please, be informed that our only means of communications over here is via radio signals and email, so in the meantime, we can only have our communication confidentially via email

I await your swift compliance

Please,kindly send the requested details in this email

Patrick Velez
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