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Subject: Compensation
From: <>
To: OwlMan <>
Date: Tuesday, 9 March 2021 12:01
Size: 608 bytes


You don't remember me, you can't. I'm from the future. One week into the future to be precise. From your perspective, we never met. From my perspective, we met a few days ago.

You are going to have an accident, but I can prevent it. Actually, I did, in a different timeline. I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to do it again in this timeline, so it'll be good if we talk about that "compensation" that you promised me, you know, three days ago as I remember it.

Your words were something like this:

YOU: "Thanks for saving me!"
ME: "It's no problem at all"
YOU: "No, I'm grateful and I want to compensate you. I will give you $5000USD"
ME: "It's not necessary"
YOU: It is! Email me and I'll compensate you.

Okay, so I'm waiting for you to make up to your words. How do you want to pay me. And, most importantly, WHEN!?

Have a nice day.

The super mega dude of the Galaxy

PD. This is not spam.