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Subject: Charity Work
From: Mr Francois Stamm <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients, and OwlMan <>
Date: Friday, 17 April 2020 13:41
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Hello ,

I m Mr. Francois Jean Stamm from Switzerland i am the chief delegate
south Sudan based ICRC Chief , my objective to send this mail across
to you on mere internet search of a friend from your Country, I lost
his contact ,internet pump up your email is to extend our
humanitarian aid/assistance to your country on behalf of my
ORGANIZATION(ICRC) is an None governmental organization (NGO) in
Conjunction with THE UNITED NATION is a
journal of a humanitarian assistance such as: Transgression of Human
Rights in Humanitarian Emergencies, Providing Jobs including
hospitality , youth and women empowerment of Agriculture : The Case of
Somali Refugees in Kenya and Zimbabwean Asylum-Seekers in South
Africa Mapping Population Mobility in a Remote Context: Health
Service Planning in the Whatnot District, Western Ethiopia,
Humanitarian Challenges and Dilemmas in Crisis Settings.

Our objective is to reach the need and the less privileged globally
through this project, we unanimously agreed to extend our charity
work to your country as benefactor to this assistant project.

We need a sizable undisputed land in a good area where we can
establish an orphanage home to effect life of the less
privileged/orphans. On behalf of my organization International
committee of the red cross organization(ICRC) I advised you urgent
search of land at any cost as to enable the organization to exhibit
action, furthermore the effective execution of this proposed project
will be under your supervision .

Best Regards