The Circular File


Often we are asked where such and such curious picture was on, though we never had that picture. Yet such a picture exists, and we even had a copy, so thus we have decided to create the steaming pile of poo here now called the Circular File. Some of these you may have seen elsewhere, and some are new.

Missing Dog Head
The Bar Slut
Black Sexual Power
George Bush and Yassir Arafat
This dog has a death wish
No Masturbating
Ethnic Cleansing
Elvis at his very best
Microsoft Final Solution 2000
France No Good! USA #1!
Gay Johnny
The incriminating goods on Ian
Jefferson Airplane Loves You
Kate Moss asks for a fag
Jesus With Boy
Do not feed the Kangaroos
Anime on a spoon!
Got Milk?
Save The Whales
Sears Roebuck Hookah
The Soccer Kick
A Crafty Squirrel
Why Try Harder?
Corned Beef Hash as Still Life
Twelve Chinks
Man Eats Own Underwear
Wound Man
The True Spirit of Christmas
I Can Explain

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