About the Dream Production Team

Nicole R. Lydick, - In 1991, Nicole graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and a Specialization in Computer Information Systems for West Liberty State College, West Liberty, WV. Soon after graduation, she visited Canton, Ohio, to make a skydive. She made some friends, and decided to move to Ohio in search of employment and the opportunity to work with computers, something she loves and enjoys immensely. Along with skydiving, she also enjoys snow skiing, reading, nature, and of course, surfing the net and learning something new there every day! Rusty A. Rahe, - As a Marketing Analyst for Deb Marketing, a family owned business in Wadsworth, Ohio, Rusty became involved in Internet marketing, web page design, and mass e-mail while working on new advertising for the business. With the vast explosion in Internet use, he saw the potential for world-widespread exposure and decided to expand that aspect of his consulting business. Since that time, R.A. Rahe Dream Productions, Inc, has expanded to include several new associates, and a newly purchased and remodeled office in downtown Wadsworth, Ohio. For recreation, Rusty enjoys skydiving; and with his children, Jordan and Alexa, he likes swimming, snow skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Phillip Stebbins, Web Wizard.- Phillip Stebbins became fascinated with the 'net while attending classes at Miami University of Ohio and working as a systems administrator for the student computer labs. He learned html in his spare time, but it soon became a full time obsession.